Ocean Pines Bay Day

NEW DATE! Sunday, May 17   11:30 am– 3:30 pm White Horse Park

Hosted by the Maryland Coastal Bays Program and Ocean Pines, this will be a day of fun, hands-on activities & educational talks about how residents can make a difference in their own backyards. From bay-friendly backyard guidance to educational exhibits, this event will launch a collaborative campaign to encourage residents to accept the challenge of improving the health of the local St. Martin River.

A short river, the St. Martin broadens rapidly to enter Isle of Wight Bay where the bay is crossed by Maryland Route 90. Most of the river is a tidal estuary. Its two main tributaries are the Bishopville Prong and the Shingle Landing Prong.

The St. Martin forms the northern boundary of Ocean Pines, Maryland; Bishopville, Maryland is on the Bishopville Prong of the river.

Ocean Pines Environment & Natural Assets Advisory Committee

The Ocean Pines Environment & Natural Assets Advisory Committee, in conjunction with the Board of Directors, have successfully moved the Saint Martin River and all of our surrounding waterways up to the top of the Association’s priority list. The Committee will be devoting much of its time and efforts to this critical priority and would need the public’s help.

Every property owner in Ocean Pines knows how important the St. Martin River is to the health of our environment and property values. The recently released water quality report provided by the Maryland Coastal Bay Program (MCBP) graded this waterway as a D+. While this rating may sound discouraging, it is an improvement and reflects many of the positive steps already initiated by the MCBP. It is these small steps that we must build on.