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As Sizes: Measurements: 1x 4x
Business Card Size 3.729” wide x 2.363” high $150 $500
Banner 7.625” wide x 2.363” high $200 $700
1/4 Page Vertical 3.729” wide x 4.893” high $300 $1000
1/2 Page Horizontal 7.625” wide x 4.893” high $500 $1800
1/2 Page Vertical 3.729” wide x 9.952” high $500 $1800
Full Page 7.625 wide x 10.126” high $1000 $3500

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*For Full Page bleed measurements: 8.75”w x 11.25”h; trim = 8.5”w x 11”h; live area = 7.625”w x 10.126”w.
(For Any Ad Size—Guaranteed Positions are available for a 15% premium of space charge, when available. Inquire about the availability of prime position locations.)

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Advertising Policy for the Ocean Pines Newsletter

Thank you for having an interest in advertising in the Ocean Pines quarterly newsletter published by the Ocean Pines Association, Inc., a non‐profit corporation whose mission is to provide governance, administration, facilities & amenities that are necessary to make Ocean Pines an attractive, affordable, safe and enjoyable place to live & work. All proceeds from advertising directly support the operating budget of our Homeowner’s Association.

All advertising purchases are payable by check or credit card in advance of the publication. Advertisements are accepted and published with the understanding that the advertiser or agent is authorized to publish the entire contents and the subject matter of the advertisement. Signed contract must be submitted with payment; verbal agreements are not recognized. Agencies commissions are not available. The Association reserves the right to refuse any advertisement and/or the right to return an advertisement to its originator for revision. Advertising considered adversarial, political, religious or suggestive in nature is prohibited. Advertising in Association media is not an endorsement or recommendation by the Association of the advertiser’s product or service.

Notice of cancellation must be received in writing before the 15th of the month preceding publication, in order to receive a refund, which is subject to a 15% handling fee.

Advertising deadlines are about four weeks before publication dates. Spring (April, May, June) — March 15; Fall (Oct, Nov, Dec) — September 15; Summer ( July, Aug, Sept) — June 15; Winter ( Jan, Feb, March) — December 15.  Advertising Format: Trim size of publication is 8.5”wide x 11” high and printed in full color (4c; web offset). Binding method is saddle-stitched (stapled in the center).

Guaranteed Placement:
When available, guaranteed positions are available for a 15% premium of space charge. Inquire about the availability of prime position locations. Guaranteed placement is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Send Materials To:
All artwork must be submitted as hi-res PDF, JPG, TIFF or EPS files (300dpi or higher) to correct measurements. Include all fonts when necessary. Business cards are accepted for business card size ads. Ads and newsletters will also be posted on our website.

Advertising Duration:
The newsletter is published quarterly with the seasons, four times a year. Refer to the Advertising Insertion Order form for quarterly and yearly rates. Advertisers will also have their ad displayed here on the Ocean Pines website. The newsletter and archived back issues are also posted online even before the publication is printed.

Limitation of Liability:
The publisher (Ocean Pines Association, Inc.) will not be liable for any error(s) in any advertisement created and/or submitted by the advertiser or agent. The publisher’s sole liability for errors or failures on its part is limited to an adjustment or credit not to exceed the full amount of the advertising rate for the space purchased. All claims must be made in writing within thirty (30) days after the date the advertisement appears. Failure to make such claim constitutes acceptance of the advertising as published.

For further information or to reserve your space:
Advertising Sales: 410.641.7717 x3006 or x3014, email:
Ocean Pines Association • 239 Ocean Pkwy, Ocean Pines, MD 21811 • Fax: 410.641.5581