Advisory Committee Makes St. Martin’s River Priority

The members of the Environment and Natural Assets Advisory Committee and Board of Directors are committed to keeping Ocean Pines beautiful and safe to enjoy. With that being said, the committee has updated resolution C-10 to make the St. Martin’s River a primary focus.

Ocean Pines is the largest community on the St. Martin River and should be the biggest vocal advocate for the health and well-being of OUR biggest asset, according to the committee members. Did you know that the last rating of OUR river was a D-? We have a lot of work to do to bring it back but we are looking at many options for keeping OUR river clean. Our committee works closely with Maryland Coastal Bays and Assateague Coastal Trust.

One of the great tools residents and guests have at our disposal is the Swim Guide app updated weekly by the Assateague Coastkeeper. Here is the link and you can download it to your phone so you always know the condition of the river water. Hopefully next year, with the boards help we will be able to have the Coastkeeper in OUR waterways testing on a continual basis.

We are looking at many ways to keep OUR water clean and will be sharing the most efficient with you in the near future. In the meantime those of you on the water or just enjoying the water in and around Ocean Pines can do your part to help! Here are just a few things MD Coastal Bays recommends:

  • Limit your use of fertilizers.
  • Plant native plants and trees. Native plant and tree species help prevent excessive nutrient and pollutant runoff into the bays.
  • Don’t dump used oil, gasoline or other automotive products in the toilet, sink, storm drain, street gutter, or on the ground.
  • Store kitchen and garden chemicals carefully in labeled, air-tight containers.
  • PLEASE clean up after your pets

These are just a few suggestions, you can find more at Let’s work together to keep OUR St. Martin River clean and healthy!

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