After Board review, proposed assessment stays at $981 

Ocean Pines Board members and staff on Jan. 15 discuss the proposed fiscal year 2020/2021 budget.

General Manager John Viola and Association staff on Wednesday presented a detailed overview of the proposed fiscal year 2020/2021 budget in a condensed, daylong meeting with the Ocean Pines Board of Directors. 

Staff discussed proposed budgets across all Ocean Pines departments and amenities. Additionally, Ocean Pines Fire Department President Dave VanGasbeck presented the proposed Fire Department budget to the Board. 

Based on feedback received during the meeting, Viola said the proposed assessment as of now would remain at $981, or $5 below the fiscal 2019/2020 assessment. 

“I don’t believe there were any changes that affected the assessment,” he said. “We will still be at the $981.” 

In instances where there were changes to the original proposal, such as adding 5% 401k contribution for Ocean Pines Police officers, Viola said the Association looked to make up that money elsewhere 

“We always try to reallocate resources, assets or money to try to fund or right-size our budgets, and that’s reflected in the assessment. Everybody came in with benchmarking, with examples, work plans [and] pictures, [and] everything was detailed,” he said.  

Association President Doug Parks said there were a few action items based on Board member feedback, although he added those were “nothing thats going to affect the assessment.” 

Parks encouraged homeowners to attend a public budget hearing, scheduled on Wednesday, Feb. 5 at 5 p.m. in the Assateague Room of the Ocean Pines Community Center on 235 Ocean Parkway.  

“It is designed to have the public interact with the Board,” Parks said, adding directors would “open the floor up for discussion, open questions to the Board, to the general manager, and anybody else that needs to be involved in answering questions. 

“We’ll be available, so I encourage the general public and membership to show up with any questions that they have, because thats the opportunity [for the Board and staff] to answer them,” he said.  

To view a video of the meeting, visit 

Links for specific agenda topics are as follows:   

Pledge of Allegiance – All   

Approval of Agenda – Board 

President’s Remarks – Doug Parks 

General Manager’s Budget Presentation – John Viola 

General Administration – Steve Phillips  

General Manager’s Office and Human Resources – Steve Phillips 

Finance, Membership and IT – Steve Phillips 

Public Relations and Marketing – Julie Malinowski 

Golf – John Malinowski and Andre Jordan 

Marina – Ron Fisher 

Recreation and Parks – Debbie Donahue 

Food & Beverage – Steve Phillips 

Fire Deptartment – Dave VanGasbeck 

General Maintenance, Public Works and CPI – Eddie Wells 

Road Reserves and Drainage – Colby Phillips and Eddie Wells 

Bulkhead Reserves – Colby Phillips and Nobie Violante 

Aquatics – Colby Phillips and Kathleen Cook 

Racquet Sports – Colby Phillips 

Police – Chief David Massey 

General Discussion, Review, Action Items and Recommendations 

Viola and staff will next reconcile the proposed budget based on input from the Board on Wednesday, as well as from the Budget and Finance Committee during meetings last week. The recommended budget is due by Jan. 24.  

Key upcoming dates in the budget process include:  

*Feb. 5 – Board conducts hearing on recommended budget  

Feb. 11 – Treasurer and General Manager provides Board with any final recommendations  

Feb. 7-14 – Board provides General Manager with any motions to amend; General Manager calculates any assessment impact  

*Feb. 18 – Board hears final comments on the budget, considers any motions to amend, and then votes to adopt the final budget  

(*denotes opportunity for member comments) 

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