Annual Meeting of the Members Agenda- Aug. 11

Ocean Pines Association, Inc.
Annual Meeting of the Members
Saturday, August 11, 2018, 10:00AM
Community Center

Call to Order -Doug Parks

Pledge of Allegiance

Appointments  – Doug Parks
Recorder- Michelle Bennett

      Parliamentarian – Jeremy Tucker

      Timekeeper – Mark Heintz
Sergeant-at-Arms – Chief David Massey

Teller – Steve Habeger

Presentation – Sam Wilkinson Volunteer Award                                                   Debbie Donahue

*Ascertainment of Quorum                                                                                               Doug Parks

Approval of Agenda

Approval of Minutes of Annual Meeting – August 12, 2017


Legal Report –  Jeremy Tucker
Financial Report  –  John Viola

Auditors Report   – Paul Shifrin

President’s Report   –  Doug Parks
General Manager’s Report  – John Bailey


Unfinished Business – None

New Business – None

Election Committee Report & Validation of Election    – Steve Habeger

50th Anniversary:  Time Capsule Update –  Jenny Cropper-Rines

Public Comments    (please limit to 5 minutes)


• If there is not a Membership Quorum, there will not be an Approval of Agenda, Approval of the 2017 Annual Meeting Minutes, and no Old or New Business will be conducted.

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