Association Disbands Transition Management Team, Releases New Organizational Chart

Ocean Pines Association (OPA) President Doug Parks releases the following statement on the “Transition Management Team” to the Membership on Friday, April 26:

With John Viola in the role of interim General Manager for the past several weeks, he and his team have done an extremely effective job in managing the operations of OPA. Given the current conditions and based on John’s recommendation that the Transition Management Team is no longer required, the Transition Management Team will be officially disbanded as of Friday, April 26.  We congratulate John and the OPA staff for their efforts during this time and look forward to their continued success in the daily management of the Association.

An updated Organizational Chart, a diagram that shows the structure of the Association and the relationships, functions and relative ranks of its departments, has been published to

The chart has been reviewed and approved by interim General Manager John Viola, Director of Finance Steve Phillips and Director of Operations Colby Phillips.

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