Association Participates in Wildlife Management Program

The Ocean Pines Association contracted with the United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) Wildlife Services (WS) for the removal of resident Canada geese as a part of the USDA’s wildlife damage management project.

APHIS WS has the authority to work with local organizations to conduct such a program to address mammal and bird species, such as Canada Geese, and their negative impact that they have on local water quality and thus human health and safety.

Ocean Pines General Manager John Baily stated in a statement that because we all strive to be good stewards of the environment, it is regretful that such action is necessary from time to time in order to maintain the balance between two environmental watch-cares – the geese vs the water quality. Unfortunately, the presence of resident Canada geese contributes to unacceptable accumulation levels of feces in the waters and recreation areas of the community.

He went on to state that prior to their arrival today, the APHIS WS made the determination that the actions today would be in compliance with all federal statutes, including the National Environmental Policy Act.

This project developed from the Association’s Environment & Natural Assets Advisory Committee, which is made up of members of the community.

The wildlife management project was approved as part of the budget for fiscal year 2018-19. Per the APHIS WS, the resident Canada geese that were captured and removed from the community were humanely euthanized and donated to the Maryland Food Bank.

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