Association President Releases Statement

The Ocean Pines Association’s President Doug Parks has released the following statement to the Membership on Monday, June 25:

During the June 23, 2018 Board meeting a motion was approved to adjourn to closed session to discuss matters pertaining to the resignation of a sitting director.  I felt the resignation of a duly elected director warranted a discussion on the matter by the Board.  Given the possibility of personal or other information that could not be shared publicly, it became a personnel matter and as such required discussion in closed session.  The reaction by Director Trendic was surprising and his unwillingness to participate in the meeting was disappointing.  I am uncertain as to why he immediately took the position that the meeting was called to implicate him.  On the contrary, I requested the meeting to discuss the issue of the immediate resignation of a director without any prior indication that the event would occur.  My goal was to share our thoughts on the following:

–           were there any warning signs that we as a Board should have recognized and addressed?

–           what could we as individual Directors done to address any conditions we were aware of prior to the resignation?

–           what could we have done as a team of Directors to address any conditions we were aware of prior to the resignation?

–           what can we take away from the events leading up to the resignation that we can share as a reference in future discussions with current and new Board members?

I want to reiterate that the meeting was not intended to single out a Director and work to lay specific blame as the cause for the resignation.  I strive for a practical approach to things and in this case, I wanted to have an open and honest discussion among the Directors regarding the issue and how we might handle similar situations in the future.  While the discussion by the Directors that attended the meeting was beneficial, the preference was to have Directors Trendic and Herrick in the discussion as well, in order to share their respective viewpoints.  However, the position that the discussion should not be delayed was an overriding concern.  I will ask the Board to consider how and when to best broaden this discussion to include input from Directors Trendic and Herrick.

Doug Parks

President, Ocean Pines Association

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