Association Turns Attention to Bulkhead Project

The Ocean Pines Association is reviewing the storage and staging area for its current bulkhead project. Ocean Pines General Manager John Bailey has presented the following statement on the bulkhead project to the Board of Directors and members of the Association at the Regular Board Meeting on Friday, July 27:

Residents near the Swim & Racquet Club are concerned and frustrated over the use of the area for the storage and staging area for the bulkhead project. Given this concern, we contacted Hi-Tide to call their attention to particular safety concerns, as well as to find out what the additional cost would be if they could no longer use the area for storage and staging.

Hi-Tide estimates that at a minimum it would cost an additional 15% to transport materials from another location such as the commercial harbor in West OC to complete the current contract. The current bulkhead contract for properties along West Mallard Dr. is $167K. The estimated 15% increase in the cost of that contract equates to approximately $25K, which would bring the project total to $192K. The increase in cost per foot will vary according to the individual property bulkhead scope of work.

Factors that may affect this estimated cost include:
• Cost of property lease/rental
• Availability of location
• Compliance with State/County regulations (sediment and erosion control, etc.)
• Distance from the staging area to project

Funding is available in the budget from the Bulkhead Reserve for the cost of the bulkhead contract work, however, no money was intended to be used for this purpose originally. Even so, I am recommending that the Board simply state that you would like to direct the GM to proceed with haste to make this change in land use. In September, we can present a formal resolution adopting such a policy for the use of the Swim & Racquet area. Additionally, going forward when we issue the RFP for the next phase of work, we could include language to either limit the Swim & Racquet area use to October 1 through April 1 OR to no use of it at all. Providing the cost alternatives regarding the use of the area will help everyone to clearly see the cost of not using this area for bulkhead project staging/storage, as well as provide insight into the impact such non-use will have on the bulkhead reserve. After that contract decision is finalized, we can return and address the land-use policy question.

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