Bertino to host town meeting

Worcester County Commissioner Chip Bertino will host a town meeting on Saturday, September 21 at 10 a.m. at the Ocean Pines library.  He will discuss issues and developments impacting the Ocean Pines district and the county.    

Commissioner Bertino’s guest speakers include Stacey Norton, director of Human Resources for the county, Dr. Michael Browne, principal of Pocomoke Elementary School and Mike McClung and Worcester County Recycling Manager.

Ms. Norton will discuss the county’s efforts to attract, hire and retain qualified employees in a tight employment market.  She will also talk about the county’s efforts to reign in healthcare costs, saving  county taxpayers millions of dollars.

Dr. Browne, a Maryland 2017 National Distinguished Elementary Principal, will give an overview on the work he and his elementary school teachers are doing in the southern part of the county, which has high levels of poverty. 

Mr. McClung will discuss the county’s recycling efforts, its cost and how a weakening recycling market is impacting local collection.

Commissioner Jim Bunting will join the meeting as well.

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