Board adopts new ARC guidelines 

Association Vice President Steve Tuttle on Saturday reads from a motion to adopt revised Architectural Review Committee guidelines. Also pictured is Association President Doug Parks, left, and Director Colette Horn, right. 

The Ocean Pines Board on Saturday voted 6-0 to approve revised Architectural Review Committee (ARC) guidelines, with changes that mostly involved making the document more “practical.”  

“Nothing’s changed dramatically,” Association President Doug Parks said. “There’s some things in that document that are a little dated [and] something things that, quite frankly, the first time we ran through them were … unenforceable.” 

One example, he said, dealt with the height of your fire, and your fire pit was going to be measured. 

We made it a little more practical,” Parks said. “[There was] a lot of input from a lot of different people, and I think weve got a very good document … I would encourage the membership to make themselves aware of the ARC guidelines, maybe as a refresher. 

Association Vice President Steve Tuttle said the committee worked on the new guidelines for about 18 months, and that several Board members reviewed the changes, including himself, Parks, and Directors Colette Horn and Camilla Rogers.  

Tuttle said some minor changes are still needed, namely inserting page numbers and a table of contents. The new guidelines will be posted online following a final committee review, scheduled to occur later this week. 

Tuttle said the prior guidelines dated back to 2006, with some revisions done in 2010. 

The ARC committee has worked over the past year to update and revise the guidelines. The effort has been to clarify areas where there has been confusion, and to provide a document that assists all residents of Ocean Pines in understanding and utilizing the ARC guidelines,” he said. 

Tuttle said the revised guidelines would benefit residents, as well as the Compliance Permit and Inspections Department and the Architectural Review Committee in carrying out their duties 

Rogers thanked the committee for putting in many months of work to produce the revisions. 

This is a very thoughtful document. It is one that has had a lot of work, a lot of revisions [and] a lot of input … I certainly support the passage of these new requirements,” she said. Nothing may ever be perfect. We maneed to wordsmith somewhere down the line again, but this is certainly a far cry from where we were and is a very well-constructed document. Thank you, Steve, for your leadership with that committee. 

Horn thanked the committee for their patience, adding that allowed Board members ample time to do an in-depth review.  

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