Board Director Brett Hill Resigns

Brett Hill, former Acting General Manager and Board Director, resigned on Friday, Sept. 15.

The Board of Directors will hold a Special Board Meeting on Thursday, Sept. 21 at 7 p.m. at the Assateague Room in the Ocean Pines Community Center, located at 235 Ocean Parkway. At the meeting, Board Director Cheryl Jacobs will make a motion to fill the vacant Director position.

The Board of Directors is a legislative policy-setting body of the Ocean Pines community. The affairs and business of the Association are managed by a Board of seven and the terms of the Directors are for three years and until their respective successors are duly elected and qualified.

For more information, contact Denise Sawyer, director of marketing and public relations for the Ocean Pines Association, at (410) 641-7717 ext. 3006 or

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