Board elects officers, approves Ortt contract and validates election 

The Ocean Pines Board, with three newly elected members, discusses meeting dates for the new session on Wednesday.

Ocean Pines Board members — in separate sessions on Wednesday and with separately staffed boards — officially validated the 2019 election, elected officers, and approved a contract extension for food and beverage management.  

The outgoing Board, including appointed directors Jeff Knepper and Tom Piatti, voted 6-0 to validate the election results. Votes for the 2019 Board election were counted and announced on Friday and would have been validated on Saturday, but the Annual Meeting failed to produce a quorum and no official business was conducted.  

Also during the meeting, the outgoing Board voted unanimously to extend the food and beverage management contract with the Matt Ortt Companies. Originally tapped by the Association last year, the Ortt Companies will oversee the Yacht Club, Beach Club and Tern Grille through at least 2023, with triggers based on operating profit targets that could extend the deal a further two years.  

“The attorneys for Matt Ortt … [and] attorneys for Ocean Pines have been going back and forth over the past week or so,” Association President Doug Parks said. “The final terms and conditions … has been agreed to by all parties involved and that information has been shared with everybody on the Board.” 

According to Piatti, one late addition to the contract stated that the Ortt Companies would have to coordinate with Golf Director John Malinowski with regards to events at the Tern Grille, which will be housed inside the new Golf clubhouse. 

Three newly elected Board members were then seated during the second meeting: former Environment and Natural Asset Committee Chairman Tom Janasek, former Budget and Finance Committee Chairman Larry Perrone, and retired attorney Camilla Rogers. Knepper and Piatti officially came off the Board and were each thanked for their service.  

I’d like to again publicly thank Jeff Knepper and Tom Piatti for stepping in when we needed them. Your contributions to the organization and to the community are well noted, Parks said. Thank you very much for your assistance. 

The new Board voted to select Parks to continue as Association President and Steve Tuttle to remain as vice president. Parks was nominated by Perrone and Tuttle was nominated by Janasek.  

Colette Horn was again voted secretary and Perrone was selected as the new treasurer. Michelle Bennett will continue as assistant secretary and Finance Director Steve Phillips will serve as assistant treasurer. Lerch, Early & Brewer will remain the legal counsel. Votes for all officer positions were unanimous.  

The Board did not select an auditing firm, but instead General Manager John Viola was directed to conduct a request for proposals for the position. No parliamentarian was selected during the meeting. 

Additionally, the new Board set the public meeting schedule for the remainder of the session.  

A Board orientation meeting was scheduled for Monday, Aug. 26, starting at noon. 

Regular Board meetings were scheduled on the following dates:  

Saturday, Aug. 31 

Wednesday, Oct. 2  

Saturday, Nov. 2 

Wednesday, Dec. 4 

Saturday, Jan. 4 

Wednesday, Feb. 5 

Saturday, March 7 

Wednesday, April 1 

Saturday, May 2 

Wednesday, June 3 

Wednesday, July 1 

Wednesday, Aug. 5 

Saturday meetings will start at 9 a.m. and Wednesday meetings will begin at 7 p.m.  

Three town hall meetings were scheduled on Saturday, Oct. 26 at 10 a.m., Saturday, Feb. 1 at 10 a.m., and Saturday, May 16 at 10 a.m. 

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