Board leadership offer updates on roundabout, Comcast, construction efforts

OPA President Doug Parks speaks during an Oct. 26 Town Hall meeting. Also pictured is Communications Committee Chairwoman Jenny Cropper Rines, who moderated the event.

Ocean Pines Association President Doug Parks led off Saturday’s town meeting with updates on the proposed roundabout and when Comcast service would become available. 

Vice President Steve Tuttle also offered a timeline on several ongoing construction efforts. 

First, Parks said he followed up with Maryland Department of Transportation officials on the proposed Route 589 roundabout. 

“I know that was a topic that piqued a lot of interest in the community,” he said. “Basically … they called it suspended, because they haven’t had any funding and they are still looking into concept – they say that the whole project is still in [the] concept phase. 

“They don’t have an idea of how long that’s going to take. I’m sure there’s a lot of moving parts,” he continued. “It’s just kind of a nonissue right now, still in the concept phase. As we get more information, we certainly will pass it along to everyone.” 

Parks also offered information on the rollout of Comcast service in the community. He said the company is in the process of finalizing an implementation plan and that he would meet with Comcast officials this week.  

“I got a sense that … they’re not just going to start at one side [of the community] and work one-by-one all the way around,” Parks said. “They actually floated the concept … of doing multiple sections at the same time. 

“When we get information with regard to the implementation plan, that certainly will be published so that everybody understands when Comcast is going to be in their neighborhood and when they can, obviously, interact with them [and] sign up for those kinds of services.” 

Parks added the meeting was the first of three town halls scheduled for the fiscal year. Dates for two others are not yet set. 

Tuttle, in delivering the first of several project updates, said the new craft building is nearly complete. 

“That project’s well underway. I think the craft people are planning to move in there around the first of the year,” he said.  

Tuttle said the police department expansion would start in early November. 

“We’ll be adding about 3,400 square feet on the end of the existing building,” he said. “Because we have to do a roof on the new addition portion anyway, we’re looking at the possibility of re-roofing the whole building at this time and also upgrading the siding, so it’ll have a uniform look across the building.” 

Tuttle said the foundation for the new Golf building was set and plumbers are onsite installing plumbing work under the slab. 

“The target right now is to pour the floor slab next Thursday, and our hope is to have that building up and enclosed by the end of the year, so that they can finish the inside work throughout the winter months with a target opening date of May 1.” 

Tuttle said weather and other factors could alter that date. He added work on replacing the cart barn would start Oct. 30 and take about two months.  

Drainage and paving improvements are also underway throughout the community, Tuttle said.  

“I think our Public Works department’s been pretty busy over the last several months, and I’ll give a great shout-out to them for the work they’ve accomplished.” 

Video of the presentations is online here: 

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The town hall will also be rebroadcast on Channel 78 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week at noon and again at 7 p.m. 

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