Board promises more interaction during public meetings 

Ocean Pines Association President Doug Parks during the Aug. 31 regular Board meeting said directors would now be more responsive during the public comments portion of each meeting.

Association President Doug Parks said the Ocean Pines Board would take a different approach to public comments during future Board meetings.  

Parks, during the Aug. 31 regular Board meeting, said directors would now be more responsive. He said he was initially a “big stickler” that public comments were just that – comments – but now recognizes the need for more interaction.  

“This year I am going to be a little more flexible,” he said. “If there is an opportunity to answer a question without getting into a 15-minute debate … then certainly we will do that.  

“We’ll be a little bit more open to answering any type of questions that may come up, as long as it doesn’t end up in a long discussion [and turn] a two-hour meeting into a four-hour meeting,” Parks continued. “We’ll try to get some information out to the public when they ask us questions.” 

Parks, during his opening remarks, also took the opportunity to welcome new Board members Tom Janasek, Larry Perrone and Camilla Rogers.  

“[I’m] looking forward to working together as a team,” he said. “We’ve had great opportunities to look at a lot of the good things going on in the business of running Ocean Pines … [and] I’m looking forward to a successful and productive year.” 

Links for specific agenda topics from the Aug. 31 regular Board meeting are as follows:   

Call to Order – Doug Parks, President  

Pledge of Allegiance – All 

Approval of Agenda – Board   

Approval of Minutes 

July 6, 2019 – Regular Meeting    

President’s Remarks – Doug Parks, President 

GM Report – John Viola 

Bulkheads, Drainage and Dredging Report – Colby Phillips 

Treasurer’s Report- Larry Perrone 

Public Comments 

Capital Purchases Requests- None 

CPI Violations 

546 Ocean Parkway 

3 Bayview Court 

Unfinished Business – None 

New Business – 

MOTION – Funding New Capital – Larry Perrone 

MOTION – Referendum on Board Expenditure Limit – Steve Tuttle 

Appointments – 

Dick Keiling – Chair – Budget & Finance 

James Trummel – 2nd Term – By-Laws & Resolutions 

Robert Hillegass – 2nd Term – By-Laws & Resolutions 

Keith Kaiser – 1st Term – By-Laws & Resolutions 

Bernie McGorry – 1st Term – Strategic Planning 

Edgar Purcell – 1st Term – Golf 

David Allen – 1st Term – Marine 

Karen Matheson – 1st Term – Environment & Natural Assets 

Steven Cohen – 1st Term – Recreation & Parks 

Steve Habeger – 2nd Term – Elections 

Mark Heintz- 2nd Term – Elections 

Tom Piatti – 1st Term – Budget & Finance 


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