Bulkhead Replacement Program Underway

According to a statement released by Ocean Pines General Manager John Bailey, the Ocean Pines annual bulkhead replacement program is back underway after a two-year delay in the program.

Bailey said it is necessary to continue the program into the summer months, as a result of the delay.  The materials on-site at the staging area are part of this program and will be transferred to a barge and moved to the work site. The staging area which is located at the end of Seabreeze Road has been used to load barges for the bulkhead replacement program in Ocean Pines for over 20 years.

“We are working with the contractor to ensure that the site is kept orderly and will be sure to post the area so that children are aware not to play on the materials or equipment,” he said. The staging area is not available for use for bulkhead projects not associated with the Ocean Pines Bulkhead Program.

Bailey said barges and other vessels are under the jurisdiction of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Marine Police and cannot be regulated by Ocean Pines on their location but cannot be tied to a bulkhead owned by Ocean Pines Association.

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