Comcast Update: Feb 10

Comcast this week continues to work on infrastructure in six areas of Ocean Pines.

Those areas include Ocean Parkway homes numbered 39-113 (odd numbers only), Ocean Parkway homes numbers 163-173 (odd numbers only), Ocean Parkway homes numbered 179-209 (odd numbers only), Sandyhook Road homes numbered 38-70, (both sides), Sandyhook Road homes numbered 156-188 (both sides), and Pinehurst Road homes numbered 56-72 (both sides).

For questions about the construction, contact the following:

Ocean Parkway 39-113: Mark Howard of Accutrench, 410-829-5157
Ocean Parkway 163-173: Tommy Short of K&T Utilities, 443-521-2508
Ocean Parkway 179-209: Israel Bravo of Bravo Construction, 302-249-0039
Sandyhook Road 38-70: Shilo Tech, 630-432-1606
Sandyhook Road 156-188: Howard Todd of Utility Solutions, 443-521-3669
Pinehurst Road 56-72: Sheila Lyons of Sky Communications, 832-477-6121


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