Country Club Architectural Drawings in Final Stretch

Plans to reconfigure the upper level of the Ocean Pines Golf clubhouse are moving along, according to the Ocean Pines Association.

“We are in receipt of the architectural drawings that DBF (A&E firm) have completed to date,” said John Bailey, general manager of the Association. “They still need to add some things here and there but, overall, they are complete.”

Bailey said Davis, Bowen & Friedel Inc. of Salisbury, the company hired to amend the clubhouse’s architectural drawings, is working on the elevator specifications. “DBF tells me they should be able to complete the full set of procurement documents, including the already completed Add/Alternate list, and provide them to us by Friday, Aug. 3,” said Bailey.

In December 2016, the Ocean Pines Board of Directors approved the Ocean Pines Golf Club renovation project.

“The intent would be to circulate that final set of procurement documents one more time for review and issue the RFP on August 10,” said Bailey. He added, ” The return date for bids would be September 7.  The newly constituted Board of Directors will need to consider conducting a special meeting/work session to discuss the proposals and the respective pricing of alternatives and then consider voting on the project at the September Board of Directors meeting.  DBF would prepare the final AIA contract document and Notice to Proceed could be issued on October 8.”

The completion date, for purposes of the RFP, would remain – March 8, 2019, according to Bailey.

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