Current State of Local Water Quality

The December 20th, 2016, meeting of The Environment & Natural Assets Advisory Committee was attended by the recently appointed Executive Director of the Maryland Coastal Bays Program, Frank Piorko and the science coordinator, Roman Jesien. They were at the meeting primarily to up-date the committee on the current state of our local water quality and whether or not to expect any large scale improvements as a result of the Bishopville dam and another local project. Both are now successfully complete and will be helping to improve, over time, the filtration of runoff into the Saint Martin River. They also were helpful in indicating areas where OPA might be supportive in improving the local environment.

Much of the discussion centered on Ocean Pines waterfront property owners participating in what is called oyster gardening. The property owners lower a small manageable cage which contains young oysters (spats) on old oyster shells over the side of their dock. Then, every two weeks year round, raising the cage and shaking off the oysters to remove the sediment that can impede the spat’s growth. The Maryland Coastal Bays Program believes that oysters like these will naturally help filter our bay waters and thus improve its health.

Should you have a waterfront property and have interest in helping with this very important program please contact our Chairman, Ken Wolf.
Want to swim or water sport in the bay or the river but you is not sure how safe the water is? Well, now there is a smart phone app for that. Check out the “Waterkeeper’s Swim Guide” from The Assateague Coastal Trust, before you jump in.

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