Deadline to apply for dredging permits is Oct. 15 

A view of the Ocean Pines canals on a June afternoon. The deadline to apply for canal dredging is Oct. 15.

Ocean Pines residents who wish to request spot dredging next fall must submit a permit request by Oct. 15.  

Permits are available at Ocean Pines Public Works, on 1 Firehouse Lane.  

According to Operations Director Colby Phillips, the process to apply for spot dredging is as follows: 

  1. The resident must fill out a permit to request dredging for their area 
  2. After the application deadline, Ocean Pines goes to each property during mean low tide and gets depth readings in three separate locations for each request: one on each side of the canal and one in the center of the canal. This is to show a crosssection of the canal 
  3. Ocean Pines then fills out forms for the Army Corp of Engineers with the data taken from the canal readings. The Army Corp determines if the canals can be dredged 
  4. Once Ocean Pines hears back from the Army Corp, approved permits are taken to the county and state for additional permitting 
  5. Once the additional permits are approved, Ocean Pines next contacts a contractor to do the dredging. This has always been the contractor currently working on bulkheads, because they’re already working in the community 
  6. The contractor must haul the dredged material to an approved dredge site, which Ocean Pines has at Public Works. Materials must be moved in approved, sealed trucks 
  7. Ocean Pines can only dredge during certain times of the year, August through March. Dredging cannot be done from April through July 
  8. This entire process takes about a year, from the start of the application process until the actual spot dredging 

The dredging program is for homeowners who do not have enough water to get their boats off of their lifts or docks. We want everyone to be aware of the deadlines,” Phillips said. “We are accepting 20 permit applications annually and we currently still have 14 spots still available. It is important to us that we follow the process, so that we can give the most accurate time frames and information to the homeowners.” 

To download a dredging application, visit

For more information on the dredging program, contact Ocean Pines Public Works at 410-641-7425. 

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