Drainage improvements near Borderlinks 

Construction crews this week began drainage improvement work near the Borderlinks area.

Contractor Goody Hill Sand & Gravel, Inc. of Berlin this week began replacing culvert pipes under the road in the area of BorderlinksHarborview Drive and Clipper Court in Ocean Pines.  

The job should last several weeks and require some slight changes to traffic patterns.  

According to Director of Amenities and Operational Logistics Colby Phillips, work will start in the Borderlinks area.  

“The culvert pipes at Borderlinks will take a few days to a week and have a minor impact to traffic in and out of that area,” she said.  

Phillips said she notified the Borderlinks community. 

These culvert pipes are over 40 years old and deteriorating, and will be replaced with a poly pipe,” she said. This will help improve not only the drainage issues at Borderlinks and the golf course, but will help with the many sinkholes that have had to be patched in the roads in that area. 

Goody Hill will also install a new culvert at Harborview Drive and Clipper Court.  

Phillips said homeowner complaints and an engineering study by Showell firm Vista Design Inc. caused Ocean Pines to pursue the work, which is part of the fiscal year 2019/2020 budget.  

“We received several complaints of drainage issues in that area and we feel that putting this in will help improve that,” she said. “None of this will completely solve our drainage issues, but we are working hard to improve them.”  

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