General Questions

How do I get my mailbox key and where is my mailbox?
Go to the Ocean Pines Post Office on route 589/Racetrack Road and Cathell Road located behind Calvin B. Taylor Bank. The post office staff will let you know where your mailbox is located once you have provided your section and lot number or your street address.

Where is the Police Department located and what are their hours?
The Ocean Pines Police Department is located in White Horse Park in the OPA building. The police department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Where is the Choptank Electric Cooperative utility drop box located?
The Ocean Pines Police Department in White Horse Park. The police department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is the Ocean Pines Association, Inc. mailing address?
OPA, Inc. 239 Ocean Parkway Ocean Pines, Maryland 21811

Do you take Mediacom utility payments?

Can I choose who I want to pick up my refuse?
No. The Board of Directors accepted the bid from Waste Management and this company will have the refuse collection franchise agreement for the life of the contract. They offer free single-stream, curbside recycling To contact them, call 800-834-2805.

How often is the OPA newsletter sent?
Quarterly to all property owners and box holders (Ocean Pines residents).

Can I throw paint in the trash?
No. To dispose of a paint can, visit the recycle center near the Public Works department in South Ocean Pines. Paint can easily splatter on our roadways and we want to continue to keep Ocean Pines beautiful.

What is the trash schedule?
Monday and Thursday for North Ocean Pines and Tuesday and Friday for South Ocean Pines. On national holidays, the schedule may change. Contact Waste Management at 800 – 834-2805 on holidays to confirm your pick up day.

How many bags of trash can I expect to get picked up? Updated 11/10
Waste Management has no limit on normal household trash but limits yard and leaf waste to 4 bags per pick up. Branches will be picked up if tied in bundles limited to 4′ long. Special arrangements can be made directly with Waste Management for removal of appliances or oversize items such as furniture by calling 800-834-2805.