Golf Operations FAQs

Can I ride my bike or hike on the golf course?
No, for safety reasons, the golf course is off limits to pedestrians and bikers at all times.

How do I make a tee time?
If you are a member, you can make a tee time by calling the automated system (410-641-8653 and you must be set up with a tee time number), or you can call the pro shop (410-641-6057) during business hours. If you are not a member, you must call the pro shop to schedule times.

How do I join the golf course?
You can obtain a golf membership by either stopping by the Association office and visiting the membership staff.

How do I join the men’s or ladies groups?
The best way to join one of the golf organizations is to stop by the pro shop and pick up an application. The pro shop staff can direct you to the appropriate individuals for more information.

How do I schedule a lesson or clinic with the pro staff?
Call or stop by the pro shop to see the professional staff. Often, there is a clinic sign up sheet for those interested in group instruction.

What tee should I play from?
We have 5 different tees to choose from at Ocean Pines, and we recommend playing from a yardage that suits your game. A player should be able to reach most of the golf holes in regulation from their chosen tee. The Black tee is for expert players, the Tan tee is longer hitting mid-handicappers, the Green tee is for mid to high handicap men and long hitting low handicap women, the silver tee is for shorter hitting men and mid handicap women, and the Orange tee is for average to short hitting higher handicap men and women and beginners.

Where can I find information on Ocean Pines golf tournaments and events?
Every year we produce a tournament and event calendar which goes in your membership packet. It lists all of the events for the upcoming year. Channel 78 and the web site are also great avenues for tournament information.

Can non-member residents and their guests play the golf course?
Residents and guests can play at Ocean Pines simply by paying the daily fees. Tee times may be made up to 5 days in advance.

What is the dress code for Ocean Pines G&CC?
No blue jeans are allowed, no tennis shorts, short shorts, or cutoffs. Shirts must have a collar and be tucked in. Non-metal spike golf shoes are required. All dress must be golf appropriate.

Can I bring a non-playing guest on the course to watch while I play?
No. Our course is generally very busy, and spectators could cause a safety issue, or a distraction to other golfers.

How early should I show up for a tee time?
You should arrive at least 20 minutes before your tee time in order to check in at the counter and the starter. If a group does not show up in advance of their time, the time may be given to another group. Showing up early also gives you the time to better prepare for play: hit some warm up balls; practice putt; get something to eat; purchase equipment; etc.

How do I use the driving range?
The driving range is open to all golfers. The ball dispenser will either except quarters or a plastic range card. You can purchase cards or get quarters in the pro shop if you do not already have them.

When was the course built, and who is the designer?
The course was built in the early years of Ocean Pines, and opened to play in 1973. The course designer was the legendary Robert Trent Jones Sr.

What is the secret to golf?
Always have fun.