Police Department FAQs

Do I have to stop for school busses on the opposite side of the parkway?
No, in most cases you do not. Where there is a median dividing the parkway (dirt, grass, trees) you are not required to stop for busses on the opposite side of the parkway. In areas where there is NO median such as from St. Martins Lane to Newport, you have to stop.

What are the speed limits in Ocean Pines?
There is a 35 mile per hour speed limit on the Parkway, and all other side streets in Ocean Pines have a 25 mile per hour speed limit.

Are the “Go-Peds” and mini-motor bikes legal to operate on the street?
No, they are not unless they are legally registered and tagged by the Department of Motor Vehicles. They are legal to operate on private property, only. Mo-Peds and the larger motor assisted bikes are legal to operate, when they are tagged and registered. This is State law.

Can I park on the roadway in Ocean Pines?
Property owners sign an agreement when they purchase their homes NOT to park on roadways within Ocean Pines. When at all possible, use of driveways are the desired location for personal vehicles. Parking on the shoulder of the Parkway is especially dangerous, since it often forces joggers and bicyclists to move towards the center of the busy roadway. Property owners can be held civilly accountable for flagrant abuse of this property restriction.

Do dead birds found in yards need to be picked up and checked for the bird virus?
No, the virus has already been spotted in this area, and birds shall not be tested. Property owners are responsible for their disposal.

Is there a “Noise Ordinance” in Ocean Pines?
No, there is not. A civil Administrative Resolution exists that prohibits loud stereos, and noise heard more than 50 feet from the property lines between 11 PM and 7 AM. Repetitive violations of this non-criminal restriction could result in civil action being taken. There is a criminal remedy under State Law for “disorderly house” which requires a significant participation by neighbors petitioning the courts to show a clear and continuing public nuisance in a particular neighborhood.

Does Ocean Pines have a leash law?
Ocean Pines abides by the Worcester County law that specifically requires all dogs in Ocean Pines to be leashed and waste to be picked up, if the animal is off the owner’s property.