Farmers Market Open Saturday, Offers Suggestions for Heat

The Ocean Pines Farmers & Artisans Market is suggesting that market shoppers come early to the marketplace this Saturday morning due to the extreme heat forecast for the weekend.

Market merchants, however, continue to need the support of the community, even on very warm summer days. “The summer crops continues to grow with this heat. In fact, the temperatures only increase the volume of tomatoes, peaches and sweet corn that are ready for market,” said David Bean, market manager.

Local officials suggest those going out into the heat dress in light color clothing, apply sunscreen and bring along a bottle of water to keep hydrated. “To keep your market purchases cool, bring along a cooler. The cooler should have ice packs placed on the bottom, covered with a layer of newspaper for protection. Do not place your produce directly on ice or ice packs, as you’ll have frozen fruits and vegetables when arriving back home,” Bean said.

Shoppers are asked for their understanding if a particular merchant is not at market this Saturday, as the heat can affect certain products.

“We’re going to need to stay home,” said Liz Ferguson of Four Acres Living. “It won’t be good for the animals to travel and we need to stick close to home to make sure everyone here survives the heat wave.”

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