Forms & Documents - Board of Directors

Document Name Description
Executive Council Meeting Agenda

Executive Council Meeting Agenda for June 7, 2018

Special Meeting Presentation

Presentation given at the special meeting for Sept. 9, 2016

Special Meeting Agenda

special meeting of the board

GM Presentation of Report

White Horse Park Bathrooms Bid Analysis
Powerpoint presentation of the General Manager’s report given to the Board at the Regular February 25, 2016 Meeting.

Proposed Motion for Budget Approval

Motion to be presented at the Regular Board Meeting on February 25, 2016 to approve the 2016-2017 budget.

Special Meeting Agenda

special meeting to continue budget discussions

GM Report Jan. 28 2016

Presentation Report given at the Regular Board Meeting on January 28, 2016

Budget and Finance Advisory Committee Agenda

agenda for budget review sessions held at the Country Club Jan 9-11, 2016.  All meetings are open to Association members.

BFAC Budget Guidance to Board Jan 2016

Budget guidance provided to the Board by the BFAC on the 2016/2017 Budget.

Agenda 12/17/15

Agenda for the Regular Board Meeting of December 17, 2015

Landscapes Unlimited and OPA Meeting Summary

Summary report of a meeting with Landscapes Unlimited and the Ocean Pines Board representatives regarding the Ocean Pines Golf and Country Club in November 2015

Board’s Budget Guidance 2016-2017

Approved 2016-17 Board Budget Guidance 11 19 15 v 4 (3)

During the Ocean Pines Association’s Board meeting on Thursday November 19th the work was completed on the budget guidance document for the fiscal year 2016/2017. The creation of this document included extensive discussions by the Budget and Finance Advisory Committee and the Board of Directors. This document is provided to the General Manager as a means of providing the Board’s initial interests, directions, and policy positions it wishes the GM to use in developing the proposed budget. This document is not meant to cover every item of a proposed budget but does provide a policy framework around which the budget can be crafted.

The document includes a reaffirmation of the OPA vision statement to assure the budget will support our premier resort community, offering exceptional value and quality of life to property owners who are diverse in age, economic status and interests, and to provide residents the facilities, services and amenities that are attractive, affordable, safe and enjoyable.
The document states that operating dollars should emphasize having the availability of the required skill sets appropriate to an enterprise of our current size and to the delivery of quality services, while effectively reducing unnecessary expenditures. Process improvements and increased staff productivity should be based on the inclusion of expanded investment in and use of updated technology.

The capital dollars included in the plan should continue the long standing capital funding approach utilized by the OPA to build and use reserves inclusive of depreciation expense. The FY 2016/17 budget should continue with the capital funding provided to support the major capital repairs, enhancements, or replacement of existing major assets, as well as provide for the repair and/or replacement of smaller general assets. As part of the capital budget, the funding of Road Resurfacing costs should continue to utilize the Casino Funds, which have been restricted by the legislation for “infrastructure” purposes, and by the Board for Road Resurfacing expenditures.

In total, the GM should continue the use of a $0 based budget approach and, if possible, dues should remain at the same level as FY 2015 or be lowered based on a thorough assessment of the needs of the organization.

While the actual budget under development for Board approval is focused on the single FY 2016/17, the budget must address and be built on the concept of a multi-year foresight.

Tom Terry
Treasurer OPA

Board Packet 10-29-15

Board of Directors Regular Meeting materials for October 29 ,2015

September 2015
Board Packet 9/24/15

Board Materials for the Regular Meeting of September 24, 2015

Regular Board Agenda 9/24/15

agenda for the regular board meeting for Thursday, Sept 24, 2015 @ 9am.

2015 Board Orientation Agendas

The Board will convene for training and orientation for 2 days at the Beach Club on Sept. 17 & 18, 2015.

July 2015
Bridge Report July 2015

Report given by the General Manager to the Board of Directors regarding bridges in Ocean Pines

Reserve Study RFP

Three Companies responded to the Reserve Study RFP.  Design Management Associates (DMA) was recommended and approved by the Board at the July 30, 2015 Regular Board meeting.

Design Management Assoc. Presentation
Reserve Advisors Presentation
Miller-Dodson’s Presentation

Board Packet 7/30/15

materials for the regular board meeting on July 30, 2015 at 3pm.

Meeting Packet 7-17-15

Materials for the special meeting on July 17, 2015 regarding presentations from reserve study professionals.

Board Packet 6-25-15

Board Meeting Materials for June 25, 2015

Board Packet 5-28-15

May 28 2015 Board Packet

Facility Use Group Draft Proposal

A presentation was given to the Board by the General Manager and a facility use task force to determine fair practices for facility use at the Community Center.

March 2015 Report

General Manager’s Report given at the Regular Board Meeting of March 28, 2015

Regular Meeting Agenda 4/30/15

Agenda for the regular meeting for Thursday, April 30, 2015

Board Meeting Packet 3/26/15

Meeting Materials for the Regular Board Meeting for Saturday, March 26, 2015 at 9am in the Community Center.

Capital Improvement Plan – Dave Stevens

President Dave Steven’s presentation for the March Board Meeting with his second version of the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP).

Regular Board Meeting Agenda

Agenda for the Regular Board Meeting March 28, 2015 at 9am in the Community Center

Special Closed Meeting 3/12

For Personnel discussions a closed session is called for Thursday, March 12, 2015  at 2pm in the Board Room

Special Meeting Agenda 3/12

Special Meeting for Thursday, March 12, 2015  at 3pm in the Board Room to approve a Budget for 2015-2016.

Regular Board Meeting Agenda 2/28/15



Board Packet 2/28/15

Agenda, Minutes to be approved, General Manager’s Report and more information pertaining to the Regular Board Meeting to be held Saturday, February 28, 20115 at 9:00am at the Country Club.

Special Meeting Minutes November 3, 2014

Approved Minutes of the 11/3/14 Special Meeting

Regular Meeting Minutes October 23, 2014

Approved Minutes of the 10/23/14 Regular Meeting

Board Meeting Agenda 1-29-15

Agenda for the Regular Board Meeting of January 29, 2015

Board Meeting Packet 1/29/15

1-29-15 Regular Agenda

CIP Board Meeting Presentation

Committee Application – David Cherry


Materials for the Regular OPA Board Meeting on Thursday, January 29, 2015 @ 3pm in the Community Center, Assateague Room.

Additional Materials  were provided after the initial posting of the materials.  Newly added under Appointments:

Advisory Committee Member – Application for the ARC committee for David Cherry

Capital Improvement Plan Presentation – Update will be provided at the meeting and the presentation is now posted.

Special Meeting Agenda 1-8-15

Special Meeting of the OPA Board of Directors to receive the GM’s budget proposal and presentation

November 2014
Regular Meeting Agenda


Special Meeting Agenda


Regular Meeting Agenda


Board Packet Regular November 22, 2014

Materials given to the Board of Directors for the November 22, 2014 regular board meeting

Regular Meeting Minutes September 27, 2014

Approved Minutes of the 9/27/14 Special Meeting

Board Packet Regular October 23, 2014

Materials given to the Board for the October 23, 2014 regular meeting.

Board Packet Special October 18, 2014

Special Meeting Agenda October 18, 2014

September 2014 Report

General Manager’s Report given to the Board of Directors for preparation of the September 27, 2014 Board Meeting

August 2014
Motion 9-3-14 – Stevens
Special Meeting Agenda


Board Meeting Agenda – Organization Meeting

Friday, August 15, 2014 1:00pm

Regular Board Meeting Agenda


Work Agenda 6/4/14

Board Working Session agenda for Wednesday, June 4, 2014

4:00pm, OPA Board Room

Agenda 3/19/14

Agenda for the Regular Board Meeting of March 19, 2014 at 3pm

Non-Migratory Geese

Information about non-migratory geese in Ocean Pines.  This information was shared at the Board of Directors meeting on February 22, 2014.

FY 2014-2015 Budget Overview

General Manager’s presentation on the proposed budget for FY 2014-2015

B-02 Rules of Order for Board Meetings

Supplement to Robert’s Rules of Order for conduct of Board of Directors’ Meetings

B-04 Agenda Development for Board Meetings

Provides guidance for developing agends for Board of Directors’ Meetings

B-05 Conflicts of Interest

Establishes policy regarding conflicts of interest for members of the Board of Directors and advisory committees, as well as officers and employees of the Ocean Pines Association.

B-06 Indemnification Policy

Declaration of policy of indemnification for volunteers, employees, or agents performing services on behalf of the Association.

B-07 Petitions

Defines the format and procedures for submitting petitions to the Board of Directors

C-09 Executive Council Committee

Description of the duties and responsibilities of the Executive Council Committee

Capital Improvement Plan Part 1 REVISED

Revised Capital Improvement Plan and completed Phase 1 dated September 2013

Capital Improvement Plan Part 1 CHANGES

These were the enhancements  that were identified after open meetings with the OPA Administration and the Board of Directors.

Capital Improvement Plan Part 1 DRAFT

Initial Draft presented to the Board in June 2013

Presentation July 17, 2012

Power Point presentation by Pete Gomsak on collected assessment dollars

Board Application Form

Application Form and Information about running for a seat on the OPA Board

Advisory Committee Application

Application for serving on an Ocean Pines Association advisory committee.

Committee Charging Document

2012 Charging Document for Advisory Committees

Replacement Reserves

Power Point presentation by Pete Gomsak at July 2011 Board meeting in PDF

Reserves History

Power Point presentation by Pete Gomsak at July 2011 Board meeting in PDF