Forms & Documents - GM Town Hall Meetings & Public Presentations

Document Name Description
GM’s Jan. 27 Bulkhead Report
General Manager’s Report- John Bailey: Included Presentation on Bulkhead Program at the Jan. 27 Regular Board Meeting
Annual Meeting Presentations

Presentation at the 2016 Annual Meeting in this order:  Legal Report, Auditor’s Report, Treasurer’s Report, President’s Report and the General Manager’s Report.

GM Town Hall 3-8-16

Town Hall Slide Presentation for March 8, 2016

Public Hearing on the FY 2016-2017 Proposed Budget

Presentation given at the Public Hearing on the FY 2016-2017 Proposed Budget

GM Presentation November 2015

Presentation given at the Regular Board of Directors Meeting on November 19, 2015

GM Presentation 10/29/15

Power presentation given in conjunction with the GM Report at the October 2015 Regular Board Meeting

GM’s Fall Town Hall

Presentation given by the General Manager, Bob Thompson, at his Town Hall meeting held Oct 8, 2015. This meeting is video taped.

Bridge Report July 2015

Report given by the General Manager to the Board of Directors regarding bridges in Ocean Pines

Reserve Study RFP

Three Companies responded to the Reserve Study RFP.  Design Management Associates (DMA) was recommended and approved by the Board at the July 30, 2015 Regular Board meeting.

Design Management Assoc. Presentation
Reserve Advisors Presentation
Miller-Dodson’s Presentation

Facility Use Group Draft Proposal

A presentation was given to the Board by the General Manager and a facility use task force to determine fair practices for facility use at the Community Center.

March 2013 Town Hall Meeting Report

General Manager’s report from the Town Hall Meeting on March 19, 2013

Public Hearing Budget Presentation February 2013

General Manager’s presentation for the proposed budget for FY 2014 from the public hearing on February 2, 2013