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Memorial Tree & Bench Application

Donating a memorial tree or bench to the Ocean Pines Recreation and Parks Department is the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary or birthday, or to memorialize a loved one who has passed away. A tree will immortalize your personal occasion, and a bench will give back to your community in ways no other gift can. Memorial trees and benches will provide for a more enjoyable recreation experience for the citizens and visitors of Ocean Pines for many years to come!

Fill out this application and return it along with full payment to the Ocean Pines Recreation and Parks Department office. Trees may be donated any time of year, but they will only be planted during the tree-planting season: Nov-early March. Benches can be installed any time of the year in almost any of our parks.

For $450, you can donate a high quality 30 gallon tree, which is 8-12 feet tall and 2″ caliper, planted and maintained for its life span.

For $1,000 you can donate a 4 foot long bench that is made with recycled thermo-plastic coated boards with black cast aluminum legs. Benches are natural wood colored with black legs.

Benches and trees will host a plaque that will be engraved with your message.

For more information, please call the Rec Department at 410-641-7052 or send an email to

Volunteer Application

Application for various duties to volunteer for the Recreation and Parks Department