Forms & Documents - Zika Virus Information

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Protect from Mosquitoes Bites that spread Zika and other virus

Mosquitoes that spread Zika are aggressive daytime biters.  They can also bite at night.  Learn ways to protect from all mosquito bites

Worcester County Preparedness Planning for Zika Virus

Presentation to Town Managers including Ocean Pines by the Worcester County Health Department on July 7, 2016 to promote prevention and health.

Mosquito Bite Prevention Tips

Not all mosquitoes are the same.   Different mosquitoes spread different viruses and bite at different times of the day.

Protect Your Pregnancy from Zika

Pregnant?  Zika is linked to birth defects and there is no vaccine to prevent the Zika Virus infection.  You can also transmit Zika by having unprotected sex.

Zika Virus Fact Sheet

Learn the origins, how it’s spread, symptoms, and treatment of the Zika Virus.

Help Control Mosquitoes

Learn to protect yourself, your family, and community from mosquitoes that spread Dengue, Chickungunya, and Zika Viruses.