Green Street: Spring Gardens and Lawns

So, spring is here (we hope!).  That means gardens and lawns.  What can I do to enhance my yard and my environment??  Easy…. Focus on native plants that require little in the way of “artificial” assistance.  In prior articles we have discussed what not to use on your yards and in your flower gardens and have provided alternatives to harsh pesticides and fertilizers (vinegar and coffee grounds/eggshells respectively).  As for native plants, the web is full of helpful websites, which provide lists of perennials, shrubs and trees, which thrive in our coastal climate.  Some of the best websites are Maryland-specific.  Check out the following for great info:

Maryland Native Plant Society
Department of Natural Resources
Lower Shore Land Trust
Assateague Coastal Trust

On all of these sites, just type native plants in the search engine for further info.

Not only are these websites very helpful but also some of these organizations have yearly native plant sales where you can order your plants in advance and pick them up at sites conveniently located to Ocean Pines.  They even have flower groupings specifically packaged to attract butterflies, birds and friendly bugs.  All the thinking is done for us – we just need to get our hands a little dirty and what fun is that!!  So, check the local newspapers and the organizations’ and OP’s websites for info on upcoming plant sales.  If you miss this year’s sales, you will have time to study the above-mentioned sites and plan for next year.   While deciding which plants to buy remember to avoid invasive species (e.g. English ivy, barberry, Japanese bamboo, wisteria, etc.).

While you plan your garden work the OP Environment and Natural Assets Advisory is monitoring the trees and bushes we planted at the Swim and Racquet Club, the South Pond and along Ocean Parkway.  We are also developing a landscaping plan for the North Pond.  So stay tuned.

Environment & Natural Assets Advisory Committee

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