Highlights from Aug. 31 Board meeting 

General Manager John Viola said Ocean Pines is currently more than $300,000 ahead of budget, and Operations Director Colby Phillips provided a report on drainage problems and potential solutions during a regular Board meeting on Saturday. 

To view a PDF of Viola’s report, visit https://www.oceanpines.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/GM-Operations-report.pdf. 

To view a PDF of Phillip’s report, visit https://www.oceanpines.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Drainage-road-and-bulkhead-reports.pdf. 

To view a PDF of Treasurer Larry Perrone’s report, visit https://www.oceanpines.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Treasurers-report.pdf. 

Also during the meeting, Perrone proposed a motion on funding new capital items, and Association Vice President Steve Tuttle proposed a motion to create a referendum on board expenditure limits. Perrone later withdrew his motion to allow for review by the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee, and Tuttle’s motion failed by a 6-1 vote.  

More detailed articles about the meeting will follow throughout the week. 

Technical difficulties caused the meeting to originally be recorded and broadcast without audio. To view the entire meeting video, with audio, visit https://youtu.be/SwMRwJmjx3w.   

Links for specific agenda topics are as follows:   

Call to Order – Doug Parks, President  

Pledge of Allegiance – All 

Approval of Agenda – Board   https://youtu.be/SwMRwJmjx3w?t=28   

Approval of Minutes   https://youtu.be/SwMRwJmjx3w?t=79 

July 6, 2019 – Regular Meeting    

President’s Remarks – Doug Parks, President   https://youtu.be/SwMRwJmjx3w?t=217 

GM Report – John Viola   https://youtu.be/SwMRwJmjx3w?t=286 

Bulkheads, Drainage and Dredging Report – Colby Phillips   https://youtu.be/SwMRwJmjx3w?t=1620 

Treasurer’s Report- Larry Perrone   https://youtu.be/SwMRwJmjx3w?t=2650 

Public Comments   https://youtu.be/SwMRwJmjx3w?t=3077 

Capital Purchases Requests- None 

CPI Violations   https://youtu.be/SwMRwJmjx3w?t=4611 

546 Ocean Parkway 

3 Bayview Court 

Unfinished Business – None 

New Business – 

MOTION – Funding New Capital – Larry Perrone   https://youtu.be/SwMRwJmjx3w?t=4716 

MOTION – Referendum on Board Expenditure Limit – Steve Tuttle   https://youtu.be/SwMRwJmjx3w?t=5821 

Appointments – https://youtu.be/SwMRwJmjx3w?t=7046 

Dick Keiling – Chair – Budget & Finance 

James Trummel – 2nd Term – By-Laws & Resolutions 

Robert Hillegass – 2nd Term – By-Laws & Resolutions 

Keith Kaiser – 1st Term – By-Laws & Resolutions 

Bernie McGorry – 1st Term – Strategic Planning 

Edgar Purcell – 1st Term – Golf 

David Allen – 1st Term – Marine 

Karen Matheson – 1st Term – Environment & Natural Assets 

Steven Cohen – 1st Term – Recreation & Parks 

Steve Habeger – 2nd Term – Elections 

Mark Heintz- 2nd Term  Elections 

Tom Piatti – 1st Term – Budget & Finance 

Adjournment   https://youtu.be/SwMRwJmjx3w?t=7098

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