Highlights from Feb. 5 OPA Board meeting 

Ocean Pines Board members, bottom row from left, Vice President Steve Tuttle, President Doug Parks and Treasurer Colette Horn, and top row from left Frank Daly, Larry Perrone, Tom Janasek and Camilla Rogers.

The Ocean Pines Board on Wednesday night entertained nearly an hour of public comments on the recommended fiscal 2020/2021 budget. 

Published on Jan. 24, the recommended budget proposes a basic annual assessment of $986, the same figure as the current fiscal year.  

Up next in the budget process, Treasurer Larry Perrone and General Manager John Viola must provide Board members with any additional recommendations by Feb. 11.  

The Board will then hear any final public comments on the budget during a public meeting on Feb. 18, with a vote to officially approve the fiscal document also expected on that date.  

Also during the meeting on Wednesday, Director of Amenities and Operational Logistics Colby Phillips presented an update on drainage improvements, and Viola supplied project updates and the most recent financial report.  

The directors discussed a process for earmarking new capital reserve fund projects, and by 6-0 in separate votes set a 6% delinquent fee interest rate for the fiscal 2020/2021 budget, and approved a lease agreement with the Pineeer Craft Club. One director, Camilla Rogers, was absent because of an illness.  

Also approved 6-0 was a second reading to amend Resolution M-06, related to elections and referendums. Changes in the resolution clarified what constitutes validation of election results and will allow the candidate forum moderator to ask questions in a random order, according to Association Vice President Steve Tuttle. 

To view a video of the meeting, visit https://youtu.be/0aD7LGv63eU. 

The meeting will rebroadcast on Channel 78 this Friday at noon and again at 7 p.m., and will follow the same time slots next Monday, Wednesday and Friday.    

Links for specific agenda topics are as follows:  

Call to Order  Doug Parks, President  

Pledge of Allegiance  All   

Approval of Agenda – Board   https://youtu.be/0aD7LGv63eU?t=31  

Approval of Minutes   https://youtu.be/0aD7LGv63eU?t=124  

January 4, 2020 – Regular Meeting 

President’s Remarks – Doug Parks, President   https://youtu.be/0aD7LGv63eU?t=143  

Announcement of Email Votes/Motions – Colette Horn   https://youtu.be/0aD7LGv63eU?t=287  

2020-21 Budget Review   https://youtu.be/0aD7LGv63eU?t=373  

Drainage Report – Colby Phillips   https://youtu.be/0aD7LGv63eU?t=3718  

GM Report – John Viola   https://youtu.be/0aD7LGv63eU?t=4467  

Treasurer’s Report  Larry Perrone   https://youtu.be/0aD7LGv63eU?t=5584  

Public Comments   https://youtu.be/0aD7LGv63eU?t=5723  

Capital Purchases Requests   https://youtu.be/0aD7LGv63eU?t=6926  

Aquatics – Replace shingles on roof at Sports Core Pool 

P/R & Marketing – Golf Clubhouse Audio System 

P/R & Marketing – Yacht Club Audio System 

CPI Violations   https://youtu.be/0aD7LGv63eU?t=7590  

3 Lord Guy Terrace 

84 Sandyhook Rd. 

Unfinished Business  

Second Reading  Resolution M-06 – Steve Tuttle   https://youtu.be/0aD7LGv63eU?t=7807  

New Business  

Discussion – Process for Earmarking Projects for the New Capital Reserve Fund  

Colette Horn   https://youtu.be/0aD7LGv63eU?t=7977  

Motion  Move to establish a 6% interest rate for delinquent fees for the fiscal 

2020/2021 budget – Doug Parks   https://youtu.be/0aD7LGv63eU?t=8588  

Motion  To approve the lease agreement with Pin’eer Craft Club – Larry Perrone   https://youtu.be/0aD7LGv63eU?t=8624  

Appointments   https://youtu.be/0aD7LGv63eU?t=8858  

John Reeves – 1st Term – Aquatics 

Ellen Hench – 1st Term – Aquatics 

Kim Meekins – 1st Term – Aquatics 

Paul Fohner – 2nd Term – Environment & Natural Assets 

John Maziuk – 1st Term  Environment & Natural Assets 

Steve Cohen – Chair – Recreation & Parks 

Mary Corddry – 1st Term  Recreation & Parks 

Kathi Gottesman – 1st Term – Recreation & Parks 

Laura Scharle – 1st Term – Recreation & Parks 

Carol Ludwig – 1st Term – Elections 

Adjournment   https://youtu.be/0aD7LGv63eU?t=8977  

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