How Recreational Activities Bring Families Together

By Katherine Oakes

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As a parent, you might have already considered the amount of time the average child spends indoors—or maybe you haven’t. The answer is 55 hours per week—and not just spent indoors but playing games on electronics.  At Modernize, we love that houses turn into homes, especially when they are filled with our loved ones, but we also know that in order to truly appreciate that space it’s important to get outside with our families, too. Doing recreational activities as a family can help your children create important bonds with you, your family members and the place they grew up. So, to help you kick off your family bonding, here are three great ways to get closer to your family through recreational activities.

Explore the Neighborhood

Rather than your having children get excited about the newest computer game, television show or smartphone app, get them excited about being in their own backyard! Kids love being granted the freedom to explore and investigate their surroundings—especially when those surroundings are full of trees to climb, dirt to play in and insects, twigs, rocks and other specimens to collect. Encourage them to get out there and explore together by sharing a map of the neighborhood and suggest games like hunting for treasure, or a nature scavenger hunt to keep their interest piqued and their little minds buzzing! Doing it together will give them confidence and reassurance that this is a safe space to play in while also building unforgettable memories together.

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Plant a Garden

Setting up a family garden or going to visit a community garden in your area is a fun and engaging way to bring your family together. Introducing your little ones to gardening is a perfect opportunity to teach them about topics like life cycles, pollination, nutrition and the benefits of patience, commitment and hard work. Give them a task that they can do so they feel as if they are an essential part of the family team and have valuable skills worth contributing to the project. Make sure to get involved in as many teaching moments as possible while also giving them the space to be independent, too. Plus, a family garden also means you get to reap the delicious benefits as well!

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Get Moving

Take a hike! Or ride bikes, camp, walk, play sports—whatever the activity is, showing your kids that exercise is also a form of entertainment is essential in helping them to develop healthy habits as they get older. Making recreational activities a part of their childhood can arm them with a positive outlook on exercise later on in life when they might be more likely to stray away from those things. The experience of having fun, being active and out of doors with their family not only provides strong memories but a closer connection to nature, themselves and one another. So those casual afternoons in the park or a day spent hiking a nearby trail might make more of an impact on your little ones than you might think!