Mediacom outages apparently resolved; those still experiencing issues encouraged to contact customer service 

Damage to Mediacom infrastructure caused regional outages for several days, but the issue has now been resolved, according to Mediacom officials. 

Pat Hynes, Mediacom area operations director, on Thursday afternoon said several issues contributed to the outages. 

“A telecom partner who we lease our fiber from had a fiber cut by a tree trimmer, and that happened in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania,” Hynes said. “We had four total circuits and two were cut. As we performed the diagnostics, we also discovered packet loss in one of the two good circuits.” 

“Network traffic doesn’t go directly from one user to another,” Howard Webb, IT specialist for Ocean Pines, said. “It gets trafficked through several sources before reaching its destination, and one of those sources might have been in Pennsylvania.” 

Data was rerouted while Mediacom worked to repair its circuits, Hynes said, while the telecom provider simultaneously addressed the cut lines, which he said were fixed late Thursday afternoon.  

“The two that were cut are now repaired and we rerouted traffic back to the other good circuit,” he said. “I’ve had techs down there most of the day running speed tests and I got a confirmation [on Thursday] that all tests are back to normal now.” 

According to Phyllis Peters, senior director of communications for Mediacom, the cut fiber impacted several other telephone and internet service providers in the region.  

“As far as Mediacom’s area, it would have been isolated to our Eastern Shore customers,” she said.  

Generally, she said, redundancies in Mediacom infrastructure mean outages are dealt with simply by rerouting the signal.  

“What happened in Southern Delaware and Southeast Maryland here in these last few days is the rarest of rare things, in that the redundant lines where we lease those fibers from had been cut, which affected one of the two options for where data traffic flows, and then on that other option we discovered something was not functioning ideally. Maybe 15-20 percent of the customers [in the affected areas] were experiencing slower speeds and losing the continuity. 

“If you have routes A and routes B and one is supposed to work when the other one isn’t, it’s the rarest of rare when they are both experiencing issues at the same time,” she added. 

Anyone still experiencing connectivity issues or signal loss is asked to call Mediacom customer service at 855-633-4226.   

“If your residents are not getting optimal Mediacom services, we want them to call so that we can assist,” Peters said. “I’m confident that our network monitoring teams, and especially the local DE-MD team Pat manages, will stay attentive to the flow of internet traffic to and from customers in the Ocean Pines and the wider area. 

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve your residents, and we always want customers to get the very best from the internet and other services we deliver through our fiber-rich network,” she added. 

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