Motion Adopted at 9/3/14 Special Board Meeting


The motion for the Conduct of Meetings, introduced in the Special Board Meeting of September 3rd was, as agreed in the meeting, voted on by the Board electronically, and approved with revisions. The results of the vote were as follows:


For:             Stevens







Against:      O’Hare

The approved motion is:


Motion:  Reporting for and Conduct of Board Meetings


Submitted By:  Dave Stevens


Discussed at Special Board Meeting:  September 3, 2014



Motion:  It is moved that this Board adopt the following procedures for the conduct of and associated reporting for future Board meetings, and direct the GM and Staff to proceed accordingly.


1.         Meeting Materials     When possible, all motions, discussion topics, reports, presentations and supporting materials shall be provided in the Board packet at least three days prior to the meeting.  Motions may still arise from an approved agenda discussion, but must be written down before being acted upon. As practical, these materials shall also be made available in advance to the members and the media.


2.   Presentations and Reports   Those proposed for inclusion on the agenda shall be provided to the Board in advance and generally suggest a specific Board action or provide information which is of general Board/member interest.  Those submitted by a member shall have a Board sponsor and those from Advisory Committees are submitted via the liaison. Presentations by the General Manager (GM) requiring visual aids shall be listed separately on the agenda from the GM report. All proposed presentations shall be accompanied by an estimate of the approximate presentation time and a clear statement of its purpose. (e.g., action, decision, information). The provisions of 1. above apply.


3.   GM Reports   These shall be provided in brief narrative format (example attached) as in 1. above. The Board shall review the report prior to the meeting and then ask questions as required. The Board may cite subjects to be covered by the report during the agenda preparation period or as an action item from a previous meeting. A presentation by the GM is not required.


4.   Financial Reports   Monthly and quarterly financial reports  shall be posted on the OPA web page within a day after they are made available to the Board.


5.   Public Comments    Per Board Resolution B-02 these shall be limited to 5 minutes and directed to the Chair. Rules of decorum apply. With the approval of the Chair,Board members and the GM may respond to requests for information, but shall not engage in debate.


6.   Action Items    At the end of each meeting the Board Secretary shall review any actions resulting from the meeting. The Secretary will maintain a Pending Action List to be used in setting the agenda for future meetings and reporting




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