Neighborhood Crime Watch Bulletin #50

There has been a little bit of a gap since our last Bulletin, but we are getting back up to speed. As always, there is a seasonal increase in population during the summer months in Ocean Pines. Please be aware that increased bike and jogger traffic is on our roadways.

  • Rocking Chair Thief:

As amazing as it sounds, we arrested a 55-year-old female suspect for a series of brazen thefts of rocking chairs, lawn furniture and other items.  She would drive up to a home in her pick-up truck and then load up the furniture for re-sale at a consignment shop.  She even went to a local restaurant while it was open and stole a table and chairs! No citizen complaints of a suspicious individual ever came to the police. This points out the fact that a suspect can come in any variety and if you see something suspicious, call us!!

  • Domestic Incident Arrests:

Police made several arrests for domestic violence, including one where the suspect shot a child  with an air-soft device.

  • Burglary/Theft Arrests:

An individual was arrested for a series of regional burglaries in which large screen televisions were stolen.  These burglaries occurred in Ocean Pines, Ocean City, Berlin and West Ocean City. The suspect is a heroin addict.  Of the three burglaries which occurred in Ocean Pines, two large screen televisions were recovered by Ocean Pines Police and returned to their owners.

  • Driving Under the Influence Arrests:

 Since our last Crime Bulletin, Ocean Pines Police have arrested TEN(10) individuals for driving  under the influence in Ocean Pines.

  • Drug Arrests/Narcotics Investigations:

 It has been estimated by some that one in every ten police traffic stops result in the identification of some sort of non-vehicle related criminal activity. Several (5) drug arrests were made by Ocean Pines Police as a result of traffic stops during this period.

  • Underage Alcohol Parties:

 With the graduation period in June, Ocean Pines Police responded to several large underage alcohol parties.  At least 30 criminal summonses for alcohol violations were issued by our officers at these events.

  • Theft Arrests:

 In four separate incidents, police made minor theft arrests.

  • Police Academy Graduations:

Recently, Officer Evan Kolb of the Ocean Pines Police Department graduated from the 26-week police academy training required for all newly hired police officers in the State of Maryland. Evan is from Pennsylvania and had been a seasonal police officer with the Town of Ocean City in 2013.  In addition to Evan, Officer David Richardson is returning to us from a short stint in an Eastern Shore of Virginia police department.  He sorely missed our community!

The Ocean Pines Police Department is now FULLY staffed!

  • Thank Your Neighborhood Watch!

Members of Ocean Pines Neighborhood Watch assisted Ocean Pines Police in two separate  community events with traffic control.  At both the Community Craft Fair and the Memorial Day Ceremony, these non- paid volunteers generously donated their services.  They are an invaluable community resource.  T HANK YOU, Neighborhood Watch!

  • Departmental Inspection/Staff Meeting

 On June 19, the police department had an inspection of all personnel, followed by a departmental meeting. Why do we have such an inspection?  These inspections check all personnel for required equipment, and inspect vehicles for cleanliness and serviceability. All personnel are required to maintain a policy manual of orders and regulations. The inspect check to see that all personnel are up to date on their policies and procedures.

General Manager Bob Thompson was present for the inspection, and pictures have been posted on the Association social media sites.

OP Police 6-14

Join Neighborhood Watch! – Take a Bite out of Crime!!!


Chief David C. Massey, Ed.D.

Ocean Pines Police Department / 410-641-7747                                         

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