Neighborhood Watch Crime Bulletin # 51

Our Latest and Greatest Crime Bulletin

We once again had a series of thefts from autos in one of our neighborhoods.  We were able to locate a suspect and recover nearly all of the stolen property, which primarily consisted of GPS devices.  Do you leave your GPS out in plain sight when you park your car?

Most importantly, ALL of the vehicles which were entered were UNLOCKED.   Vehicles that were locked were NOT entered.  As I have constantly reminded our community, crime is often one of OPPORTUNITY.  An unlocked car with a GPS on the dashboard is a tempting target.  Please lock your cars and secure valuables from plain sight in your vehicles. Take a bite out of crime!


  • Ocean Pines Named Safest Community With a Population of 5,000 or Greater:

A recent survey of communities with a population of at least 5,000 in Maryland ranks Ocean Pines NUMBER ONE in safety.  This was determined by comparing the number of serious crimes, per capita, on a yearly basis.  Please check this link for further details:


  • Thefts from Auto Arrest:

As I described at the beginning of this report, an individual was arrested in our community for a series of thefts from unlocked autos.  It is believed this suspect was a heroin addict, who needed money for his habit. No community is immune from substance abuse issues.  I recently read a report that estimated that there are 16,000 drug overdose deaths a year in the US.  In recent years, we have, unfortunately, had a few in Ocean Pines. Addiction can be a powerful motive for criminal activity.


  • Minor Drug Arrests:


One study I read estimated that one in ten traffic stops results in the identification of criminal activity. As a result of traffic stops, police have made 10 drug related arrests since our last Crime Bulletin. Most of these arrests were on suspected marijuana recoveries.


  • Drunk Driving Arrests:

Police made six (6) drunk driving arrests in recent weeks.

  • First Degree Assault Arrest:

Police arrested a 48 year old Ocean Pines man for 1st Degree Assault when he allegedly attempted to strangle his girlfriend during a domestic incident.

  • Second Degree Assault Arrests:

In three separate incidents, police arrested three individuals for domestic assault.  Second degree assault differs from 1st degree in that it is not life threatening in nature.

  • Thank You Neighborhood Watch!

Our Neighborhood Watch again donated their time to assist with traffic control at the recent Craft Fair in Ocean Pines. Great job, as usual.

  • 4th of July Fireworks Display:

Ocean Pines Police assist the Worcester County Sheriff’s Department and the Maryland State Police with traffic control at the annual 4th of July Fireworks Celebration, held at Showell park. This year’s display went off without any major problems. The display was awesome!


Take a bite out of Crime!  Join neighborhood Watch!


Chief David C. Massey, Ed.D.

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