Neighborhood Watch Crime Bulletin # 59



Our Latest and Greatest Crime Bulletin

The importance of witnesses calling police for suspicious activity cannot be over-emphasized.  Recently, one of our residents witnessed an individual trying to open her car doors in her driveway.  Instead of call the police immediately, she delayed several hours.  By that time, the suspect was long gone. This occurred during a period when several residents were victims of thefts from unlocked autos.  Had this resident called police in a timely manner, we may have been able to identify the suspect and prevented several more subsequent thefts from autos.

After an extensive police investigation, several suspects were identified, and some of the stolen property recovered.  Timely information is critical for police to solve cases.  Several major cases, over the years, have been solved by our residents calling the police immediately.  In the information age, with nearly everyone having a cell phone, there is little excuse for delay.  Unfortunately, some say they did not want to “bother” police with suspicious activity they were not sure was criminal activity.  It really is the job of our police to determine that, and we appreciate the watchful eyes of our residents.  Please call us if you see activity that looks suspicious in nature.

First Degree Burglary Arrests:

Three individuals were arrested for the 1st Degree Burglary of two Ocean Pines homes. These individuals were employees of a local home improvement service.  Related to the burglaries was a vehicle break-in in which an item less than $1,000 in value was taken.  This investigation ultimately lead to the case clearance of multiple burglaries in Wicomico County by the same suspects.  The suspects resided in Pocomoke, Maryland.

This is not the first series of burglaries which resulted from employees of home improvement companies.  Unfortunately, some companies fail to provide the level of employee screening necessary to ensure residential safety.  Employees may have a substance abuse problem that contributes to this criminality.  Residents should pay close attention to work being done inside their residences, and limit access only to areas that are necessary for improvement.  Do you know the make and serial numbers of your flat screen TVs??  These are often a target, as well as jewelry, left out in plain view.

 Domestic Violence Arrests:

Police arrested three (3) individuals for domestic violence assaults, in three separate incidents in Ocean Pines, since our last Crime Bulletin.

Drunk Driving Arrests:

Police charged four (4) individuals suspected of operating their vehicles under the influence of alcohol. One of the drunk driving arrests involved an individual who flipped his vehicle at high speed on Cathell Road near the Sports Core Pool, during the daylight hours. Had this occurred during the busy summer hours, we may have had a tragedy.  This points out the need to enforce the speed limit on Cathell Road, at all hours, to protect not only the public, but the suspect.

Fugitive Arrests:

In three separate incidents, Ocean Pines Police arrested  individuals on warrants obtained outside Ocean Pines.  One of the suspects was wanted for 2nd Degree Escape.  The service of arrest warrants is a necessary function of police work, and a regular duty within our police department.

Theft Arrests:

When victims report minor thefts to police, an investigation must take place.  In three separate cases, police arrested individuals for stealing amounts less than $1,000.  In one case, it was a fare that the suspect fled from a cab in Ocean Pines.

Where to Dispose of Unused/Unwanted Drugs:

Did you know that there is a Drug Drop Box for unwanted, unused prescription drugs in the police lobby?  Residents are often in a quandary as to what to do with old, unused prescriptions in their possession.  A Drug Drop Box (mailbox type box) is in our police lobby in which you can drop off old, unused prescription drugs, without question.  This box is periodically emptied, and the drugs safely destroyed by the Worcester County Sheriff’s Department.  Last year, over 500 pounds of drugs were destroyed from Ocean Pines.

Lock Your Vehicles:

As I have said many times, please do not become an unnecessary victim of a theft from your auto. Recently, we had several unlocked autos entered and valuable property taken.  Locked vehicles in the same area were NOT entered.


Chief David C. Massey, Ed.D.

Ocean Pines Police Department

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