The following notice was sent on March 16 by the Parke Homeowners Community Association, Inc.:

Be advised that today, March 16, 2020, the Association’s attorney, Jeremy Tucker, has advised The Parke Board of Directors that Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, on March 12, 2020 issued an Executive Order that stated in part:

“All senior citizen activities centers (as defined in Section 10-501(i) of Human Services Article of the Maryland Code) shall be closed beginning on Friday, March 13, 2020 until after termination of the state of emergency and the proclamation of the catastrophic health emergency has been rescinded.”

Definition of “senior citizen activities centers”, as defined by Section 10-501(i) of the Human Services Article of the Maryland Code is as follows:

“senior citizen activity center means a community or neighborhood facility in which a broad spectrum of services are organized and provided to individuals at least 60 years old, or their spouses, including Health, Social, Nutritional, Educational and Recreational services.”

Therefore, upon the Association’s attorney opinion that Governor Hogan’s Executive Order does apply to The Parke Association Clubhouse facility and that the Board of Directors are charged with the responsibility of insuring that the Association complies with all laws and lawful orders, The Parke Clubhouse, located at 2 Arcadia Court will close at 1:00pm, today, March 16, 2020 for all senior citizen activities/events and will remain closed as long as the Governor’s Executive Order is in effect or, until after the state of emergency and the proclamation of the catastrophic health emergency has been rescinded, or until rescinded, superseded, amended, or revised by additional orders.

The Mail Pavilion will be open as usual for delivery and pick up of mail. However, no social activity will take place at the Mail Pavilion until the state of emergency, as noted above, has ended. Additionally, cleaning and sanitizing supplies will be available at the Mail Pavilion and their use is encouraged.

As all, hopefully can appreciate, this situation certainly presents unique and uncharted challenges for the Association, the Board of Directors, Committees, Members and Staff. On behalf of every member of The Parke Team who contributes to the success of the Association, I would like to assure every resident of The Parke that we will get through this challenge and, be better in the end.

As to the business end of the Association’s responsibilities, things are quite fluid at this time. The Board Members, Committee Members and Staff will be hard at work, beginning today, to establish seamless methods of conducting the Association’s business and we will keep you posted…frequently!!

Finally, any questions, concerns or comments should be directed to myself or any of my fellow Board Members.

Bill Glock

Board President

c: 518-857-2138

h: 410-973-1444

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