Ocean Pines to Deliver One-Two Punch with Aqua Kickboxing

The Ocean Pines Aquatics Department invites residents and guests to take a jab at the new pop-up Aqua Kickboxing class that is coming to the Sports Core Pool in Ocean Pines.

“Ocean Pines Aquatics is kicking it up a notch by adding yet another unique water exercise experience to our jam-packed roster,” said Julie Winterling, aquatics program supervisor of Ocean Pines Aquatics.

Aqua Kickboxing is a remarkable combination of martial arts and dance in the water. Typical routines may include a series of jabs, hooks and uppercuts, repetitive punches and kicks. Those frightened by the thought of Aqua Kickboxing need not worry. Water properties reduce the risk of injury and offer a safe alternative to land kickboxing.

“Kickboxing in the water will challenge all levels of fitness as our participants will encounter resistance in every direction while enjoying the stability provided by a water workout,” said Winterling. In other words, nobody’s falling on the floor during this class, she added.

Apart from toning, shaping and sculpting the complete body, Aqua Kickboxing aids in losing weight at a fun pace.

The pop-up class, which is open to the public, will take place on Thursdays at 4-4:30 p.m. from Feb. 1 to Feb. 22. The cost of the class is $35 for pool members, $40 for Ocean Pines residents and $45 for non-residents.

Over the past few years, Ocean Pines Aquatics has made a splash with its increased number of water exercise programs. The Sports Core Pool, located at 11144 Cathell Road in Ocean Pines, now houses water trampolines, bikes, balance boards, treadmills and an elliptical machine in addition to several different types of water weights.

“What will our next pop-up be? Keep checking our social media sites to find out,” said Winterling. “And be ready this summer, as we expand our water exercise program to three pools!”

For more information and to register, contact Ocean Pines Aquatics at 410-641-5255.

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