Ocean Pines Knife-Wielding Man Arrested After Barricade Situation

A 75 year-old Ocean Pines man was arrested after a barricade situation Sunday afternoon.

The Ocean Pines Police Department received a complaint just after noon on April 2, regarding a domestic incident. A female complainant told police dispatch that she and her father, Alberto Dacanay, were involved in a verbal argument and that he had a knife.

Ocean Pines Police Chief David Massey and members of the Maryland State Police and the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office responded to the address. Upon arrival, police said the complainant ran towards responding officers crying, and stating that Dacanay had chased her, her mother, her husband and her three-year-old son out of the house with a knife.

While instructing the family with the three-year-old son, police observed the exterior garage door to open. The female complainant frantically announced that her father was walking out of the garage and was still holding a knife, police said. Chief Massey observed the suspect standing within the garage with a large fixed-bladed knife in his right hand.  After seeing police, officers said Dacanay placed the knife behind his lower back, and then went back into the home and barricaded himself inside. Dacanay had secured the exterior doors within the residence with several items of furniture, preventing anyone to enter. Police said Dacanay then opened a window on the second story to the residence and began speaking with officers involved. He refused to exit the residence and insisted for his family to leave the premises. Officers feared that Dacanay would present an imminent threat to himself and made numerous attempts to have Dacanay to exit the residence.

Officers executed a safe entry into the residence where, Dacanay was taken into custody without incident.  Dacanay was arrested for first and second degree assault. No injuries were reported at the time of the incident.

For more information, contact Denise Sawyer, director of marketing and public relations for the Ocean Pines Association, at (410) 641-7717 ext. 3006 or dsawyer@oceanpines.org.

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