Ocean Pines Police to implement enhanced telephone reporting

The following is a March 17 release from the Ocean Pines Police Department:

During the current COVID-19 health crisis, it is important to keep our first responders healthy to handle serious incidents. In an effort to reduce the vulnerability of our police officers, the Ocean Pines Police Department will introduce a temporary enhanced telephone reporting system. In minor property crime cases, where there is no suspect, police will take the report telephonically, except in cases where a victim requests the presence of the officer.

Chief David Massey states, “This is only a temporary change, and will not impact police response to all other types of incidents. We recognize that first responders have a duty to the residents to provide our continuing protection, and we shall always be there to provide prompt and efficient service. This change will better protect our police officers, by reducing their vulnerability to health risks during this health crisis.”

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