Ocean Pines receives Maryland Coastal Bays Program award

The Ocean Pines Association recently received a Gold Star Award from the Maryland Coastal Bays Program for its role in cohosting the annual Bay Day event.  

Maryland Coastal Bays is a nonprofit National Estuary Program established to protect and enhance the watershed, which includes more than 189,000 acres of land, 71,000 acres of water, 248 miles of shoreline, and nearly 35,000 acres of wetlands. 

The award reads: “Maryland Coastal Bays Program Gratefully Acknowledges Ocean Pines Association for its partnership with the MCBP in hosting the first annual Bay Day at Ocean Pines. Bay Day was created to emphasize the health of the St. Martin River and engage residents to make a difference.”  

Ocean Pines and Maryland Coastal Bays Program jointly held the inaugural Bay Day on May 20, 2018, and the event this year moved to September, because of rain.  

The nonprofit presented the award to Ocean Pines during a ceremony last month.  

“We are thankful to be partnering with Maryland Coastal Bays Program in bringing awareness to Ocean Pines and surrounding areas of the grade level of the St. Martins River, and all that we can do to help stop the pollution to the river,” Ocean Pines Recreation and Parks Program Supervisor Debbie Donahue said.  

“The Bay Day event, held in Ocean Pines in May, is just a great day of fun and information,” she continued. “The third annual Bay Day event will be held May 17, 2020. Please join us! The event is free and tons of fun.” 

For more information on Maryland Coastal Bays Program, visit www.mdcoastalbays.org

Maryland Coastal Bays Program awarded a Gold Star to Ocean Pines for its efforts in cohosting the annual Bay Day event, held each May.

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