OP Pickleball raises over $10,000 for American Cancer Society

The Ocean Pines Pickleball Club raised more than $10,000 for the American Cancer Society during the second annual Pickleball Pink Ribbon Classic, held last Friday at the Manklin Meadows Racquet Sports Complex.  

Organizers said gorgeous weather and the philanthropic cause contributed to an overall day “full of love, generosity, kindness, concern, benevolence and charitableness.” 

“October 4 was an amazing day on the OP Pickleball courts, a perfect example of teamwork between the OPA community, the OP Pickleball Club and the American Cancer Society,” Pickleball Club President Frank Creamer said. “The OP Pickleball Club was so happy to support a charity that has affected every family, one way or another.” 

Pickleball Club co-founder Julie Woulfe said the generosity of players and sponsors was tremendous to see. 

“The round-robin tournament was a blast, followed by awesome door prizes, medals, and a great lunch, all donated by local Delmarva sponsors supporting our efforts for the ACS,” she said.  

Event Chairwoman Bobbie Corbett said the tournament in total raised $10,210 for the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer campaign.  

She credited the success of the tournament to “the phenomenal team of volunteers and the generosity of our 24 sponsors and our 23 in-kind donations, along with very enthusiastic participants.” 

“Everyone involved should feel very proud for such an accomplishment. It was a beautiful day that featured great food and lots of fun with some fantastic women and men,” Corbett said. “I was told a while ago that pickleball players are a ‘unique breed.’ They certainly are – and I hope they never change.” 

Pickleball Pink Ribbon Classic organizers want to thank: 

Pickleball Pink Ribbon Chairwoman: Bobbie Corbett 

Sponsorships co-chairs: Chris Shook and Ron Kurtz 

In-Kind Donations and Event Day co-chairs: Faye Jeffries and Donna Scholl, and committee members Carol Quinto, Bean Keagle, Carol Vanreenan, Claire Walker, Cyndi Bartolomeo, Darlene Botts, Eileen Carl, Howard Scholl, Jill Blackway, Lynne Waugh, Pat Wolfe, Paul Wolfe and Sue Breaseale 

Round Robin Directors: Bob OMalley and Frank Creamer 

Marketing and Publicity: Julie Woulfe 

A Special Thank You to: Mary Bellis of the American Cancer Society, Ocean Pines Operations Director Colby Phillips, and the outstanding employees at the Manklin Meadows Racquet Sports Center 

For more information on Ocean Pines Pickleball, visit www.oppickleball.shutterfly.com

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