OPA Annual Meeting included presentations by officials, announcement of election results 

The Annual Meeting of Ocean Pines membership on Saturday included end-of-year legal, financial and auditor’s reports, as well as comments from Association President Doug Parks and General Manager John Viola.  

Digital versions of the following presentations are available online: 

Financial Report by Treasurer John Viola: https://www.oceanpines.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/2019-Financial-Report.pdf 

President’s Report by Doug Parks: https://www.oceanpines.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/2019-Presidents-Report.pdf 

General Manager’s Report by John Viola: https://www.oceanpines.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/2019-General-Managers-Report.pdf 

Jeremy Tucker of law firm Lerch, Early & Brewer and Paul Shifrin of auditing firm SC&H Group, Inc. also offered presentations. 

Additionally, Recreation and Parks Program Director Debbie Donahue presented the Sam Wilkinson Volunteer Award to Paul Weisengoff. 

The annual award each year recognizes outstanding volunteer service to the community through the Ocean Pines Recreation and Parks Department. It was established in 2003 to honor Wilkinson, an 8-year-old Ocean Pines boy who lost his life in an accident at Northside Park in Ocean City. Wilkinson’s father, Bob Wilkinson, was a volunteer at the time for the recreation department.  

Also during the meeting, Elections Committee Chairman Steve Habeger announced the election results and introduced three new Board members.  

Votes were counted and announced on Friday, with results showing Tom Janasek, Larry Perrone and Camilla Rogers each had won three-year terms on the Ocean Pines Board.  

Election results were as follows:  

Larry Perrone: 2,131 votes 

Tom Janasek: 2,160 votes 

Camilla Rogers: 1,753 votes 

Paula Gray: 1,407 votes 

Shawn Kotwica: 235 votes 

Ed Solum: 191 votes 

Gregory Turner: 478 votes 

A quorum for the Annual Meeting was not reached, therefore no official business was conducted.  

The Association will publish additional details from the meeting, starting next week. 

To view a view of the Ocean Pines Annual meeting, visit https://youtu.be/bG33ugso4eo.

Video links to specific portions of the meeting are as follows: 

Presentation – Sam Wilkinson Volunteer Award Debbie Donahue .  https://youtu.be/bG33ugso4eo?t=682  

Legal Report Jeremy Tucker .  https://youtu.be/bG33ugso4eo?t=2483  

Financial Report John Viola .  https://youtu.be/bG33ugso4eo?t=1138  

Auditors Report Paul Shifrin .  https://youtu.be/bG33ugso4eo?t=2947  

President’s Report Doug Parks .  https://youtu.be/bG33ugso4eo?t=3074  

General Manager’s Report John Viola .  https://youtu.be/bG33ugso4eo?t=3522  

Election Committee Report & Validation of Election Steve Habeger .  https://youtu.be/bG33ugso4eo?t=4402  

Public Comments .  https://youtu.be/bG33ugso4eo?t=4588  

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