OPA Board considers committee chair orientation, B-01 amendment 

Ocean Pines Board members on Dec. 4 discuss an orientation process for advisory committee chairs.

Although nothing was finalized, Ocean Pines Board members on Dec. 4 considered an orientation for new advisory committee chairpeople.  

Director Colette Horn said the issue came up during the Nov. 6 Executive Council meeting of committee chairs. 

According to Horn, “there was discussion regarding inconsistencies in understanding of procedures for advisory committees related to communication with each other, OPA staff and OPA contractors.  

There also was discussion as to inconsistencies among the committees in application of HOA Open Meetings law and in their understanding of procedures for the Bylaws and Resolutions Committee review process,” Horn said in a formal motion.  

She said the Communications Advisory Committee recommended leading a work group to develop an orientation for new chairs and Board liaisons “to prevent breakdown or confusion in processes for the work of the advisory committees.” Horn said the committee sought Board approval for the concept.  

Director Camilla Rogers said the discussion was an important one, noting the new Board member orientation held in August was helpful to her.  

“I felt that I walked away from that fairly comfortable with what the expectations were going to be [for a new Board member],” she said. 

Association President Doug Parks said the Executive Council also endorsed the idea.  

“It was well received, the idea of … putting on a framework around what it takes to be a committee chair versus a committee member,” he said. “There’s a lot of intellectual capital that’s been collected over time and I think it’s only prudent to share that information in a more formal manner, rather than having people have to ask for it.” 

Director Tom Janasek, who chaired the Environment and Natural Assets Committee prior to his election to the Board in August, also backed the orientation. 

“The main thing is getting information from the committee to the Board … that’s what the biggest struggle is in all the committees,” he said. “We have all these people that want to help, but they have no idea, when they get ideas, what to do with them.” 

Director Frank Daly suggested making the orientation meetings mandatory, but Janasek worried that could scare aware potential volunteers.  

“We’re asking a lot of them anyway,” he said.  

“What I’m hearing from the Board tonight is that they would like to be the owners of a work group to achieve this objective,” Horn said. “I will also say that the Communications Advisory Committee and specifically [Chairwoman] Jenny Cropper-Rines has done a lot of work on this already, and I think she certainly should be a vital member of whatever workgroup is put together.” 

Parks asked Horn to reach out to Cropper-Rines to get the process started.  

Board members during the meeting also approved a first reading for an amendment to Resolution B-01, governing adoption and classification of Board resolutions. 

Bylaws and Resolutions Advisory Committee Chairman Jim Trummel said the original Book of Resolutions was established by the committee in 2009, when that group “had full control” of creating the document. 

“That’s changed. We’re [now] … in a situation where we’re in a maintenance mode,” he said. “Over a year ago, the committee began to see what we felt was an uneven, disorganized, confused process of getting a resolution amendment started … and over the last year we worked on developing a guidance, and that guidance is what you see in the attachment proposed for B-01.” 

Trummel said it was a “complete committee effort” to craft the updated version of B-01, which tries to clarify procedures to amend future resolutions. The proposed new language is available in the committee’s annual report, available here: https://www.oceanpines.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/2019Annual-Report.pdf. 

The Board will consider a second reading and adoption of the amendment during a future meeting. 

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