OPA Board Extends General Manager’s Contract

After the open session of the April 28, 2016 meeting of the Board of Directors of Ocean Pines, the Directors went into a closed session to discuss several contractual matters. One of the matters that can be disclosed to the public was a personnel discussion regarding the contract of the General Manager, Bob Thompson. The current contract requires: “In the twenty-fourth (24) month of the contract the OPA Board and Mr. Thompson agree to provide notice, in writing, to each other of their desire to:” and then provides for three (3) options. After discussion of some suggestions for changes to the existing contract, proposed in writing by the GM in accordance with the language of the contract, a vote was taken to exercise option one (1) and “extend “as is”/renew the existing contract for three years”. As the President of the Board of Directors, I am happy to take this opportunity to announce on behalf of the Board that we have secured the continued employment of our General Manager, Bob Thompson. It is the opinion of the majority of Directors that the current contract has worked well for both the community and the GM and therefore no change was necessary. The vote was six (6) to one (1) in favor of the extension.



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