Phillips presentation highlights drainage plan 

Ocean Pines Operations Director Colby Phillips outlines an action plan and several phases of work designed to improve drainage in the community.

A map shows planned improvements designed to help improve the flow of water in Section 3.

Ocean Pines’ drainage problem “isn’t something we are able to fix, but we are working really hard to try and improve it,” Operations Director Colby Phillips said on Saturday.  

Phillips, during a regular Board meeting, presented a plan of action to help reduce flooding in the community 

The plan includes $175,000 in budgeted ditch maintenance during the current fiscal year, as well as repairing or replacing four large drainage pipes.  

Ocean Pines repaired a pipe on Mumford’s Landing Road and replaced a pipe on Boston Drive earlier this year, with the Borderlinks area and Watertown Road also on the list to get new, larger pipes to help improve the outflow of water.  

The estimated cost to repair and replace the pipes is about $443,000, which includes smaller neighborhood pipe replacements, and engineering and permittingRepairing, rather than replacing the Mumford’s Landing pipe saved the Association $250,000, Phillips said.  

During the last two months, Ocean Pines workers and independent contractors have cleared large drainage ditches along White Horse Park and Somerset Park, as well as near 113 Burr Hill Road, 44 Pinehurst Road, 44 Canal Road and 22 Moby Dick Drive. Work on five more large ditches is slated to start this month.  

Phillips said an annual plan of action would include more pipe repairs and replacements, creation and implementation of a ditch maintenance list, and a public education campaign 

“We’re going to continue to educate the public on pieces that … we’re going to be working on, [and] what things you can do to help,” she said.  

Also outlined were several phases of work designed to help improve drainage in areas most prone to flooding. 

Phase one, scheduled to start next fiscal year, includes replacing four pipes along Pinehurst Road, four pipes on Sandyhook Road, two pipes along Beacon Hill Road, and replacing inlet and outlet pipes at Bainbridge Pond. Other phase-one improvements include building weir structure (or dam) at the outfall of the pond and enlarging the berm at the Beacon Hill side to help control water levels during larger rain events.  

“In looking back through all the studies that have been done [during the last two decades] … Section 3 … has been deemed the worst in Ocean Pines” in terms of flooding, Phillips said.  

“That doesn’t mean that we’re not going to address other areas,” she continued, specifically naming drainage pipes on Clipper Court and Seafarer Lane. “This is just the first section that we need to start in, based on all the studies [and] based on what we’ve evaluated, and this will actually really help a lot of homes in that area. 

“Drainage is something that is really important to us as a team,” Phillips said. I know it’s important to the Board. We’ve met with county officials We’re really trying to get a jumpstart on anything that we can do to improve the situation in Ocean Pines, because we do recognize it as a problem. And, again, we can’t fix it, but we’re going to do what we can to improve it. 

Phillips also presented a road paving plan and bulkhead plan during her presentation on Saturday.  

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