Project in the Pines: May 6

Provided by Colby Phillips:

The team continues to get up and ready for the summer season!

Palm trees are being delivered to be put in at the Beach Club this week. An extension to the bar inside the Beach Club is in the process of being built by East Coast Construction.

Golf Course bathrooms should be finished with the painting of the floors this week. New auto-flush urinals will be put in to replace the existing old ones as well as new sinks.

Aquatic’s dept will be hosting a Mad Hatters Tea Party this Saturday from 3-5pm. Tickets can be picked up at the Sports Core Pool so you do not have to wait in line.

Landscaping Team is beautifying the Veteran’s Memorial for upcoming events. Kelly Romanowski, our Landscaping Lead will be mtg with the Garden Club this week to go over specific needs of the community.

Below is the Beach Club Roof that was cut back to expand the beautiful view.

Have a great week all!


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