Provided by Colby Phillips:

This week I wanted to highlight some of our Public Works Maintenance Team. You may not know this but many of our PW staff has experience and certifications that are so broad that we are truly lucky to have them apart of our team.

Joe Costello has been with the Ocean Pines Association for 17 years. Joe is a master plumber who has also been a Project Manager in his previous work overseeing construction projects. He works on many of our constructional projects, small and large and does beautiful work!

Ed Miller has been with the OP Association for 25 plus years as one of our carpenters. Ed has been doing carpentry for over 40 years. He is also a licensed contractor salesman. Ed and Joe work together on many of the things built and repaired within Ocean Pines from roofing to siding to picnic tables. All of the maintenance team can also recover and buy freon.

Kevin Goldberg has been with the OP Association for 25 plus years as a licensed Electrician. He has been a Licensed Electrician for over 36 years working on everything from outlets to generators to cable, lighting, CAT 5 and 6, IT issues…if it involves using power, Kevin has been involved. He has been switching many of our lightings to LED which has saved us in some of our electrical costs.

Butch Kennedy has worked in the refrigeration and HVAC industry for 50 years. He holds a Master License in the District of Columbia, DE and MD. He also has many certifications in other equipment and engineering and design. Butch moved to OP to retire after selling his business in Gaithersburg MD, which worked on taking care of all Government cafeteria refrigeration in all their buildings in DC. He has been working with OP for 15 years.

All four of our maintenance team work together and are able to even fill in if one of the other is out in all four areas stated above. We truly are very blessed to have so much experience and care within our Ocean Pines Team! Thank you to Kevin, Ed, Joe and Butch for their hard work!

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